Frequently Asked Questions - UCPath Online Portal


Is UCPath Online replacing AYSO?

Yes, in part. Employees will however continue to access AYSO for their personal retirement information, to update beneficiaries, and to access previous years W-2 and all other historical information. All future personal and employment information: earnings statements and benefits-related content, will now be in UCPath Online.

When will I be able to see my pay statement in UCPath Online?

Pay statements will be available on UCPath Online 1-2 days before pay day.

What balances will be reflected in UCPath Online?

Sick, Vacation, Comp time, and Sabbatical are all reflected in UCPath Online. 

Do I have to use CalNet or DUO for each login?

You will log in using CalNet authentication. You will need to use DUO the first time you log in, at which time you can set DUO to remember your device for 30 days. 

Is the login for UCPath Online the same as it is for AYSO?

You will log into UCPath Online using CalNet authentication. Your login for AYSO will remain the same as it is today.

What do "Service Months" refer to in UCPath Online?

Service Months can be found when you click "View Leave Balances" from the dashboard. Service Months refer to your employment service credit (your current instance of employment at UC Berkeley). Your Service Months are used to determine your vacation accrual rate. If you worked at a different UC location previously, that service will not be reflected in UCPath (although all service at UC locations will count towards your retirement service credit - contact Retirement Administration Service Center ( at (800) 888-8267 for information on your reitrement service credit). 

What information can Managers see about their employees in UCPath Online?

Managers will have new access to more information for their direct reports in UCPath. Managers will be able to view employee contact address, phone number, email address, emergency contact information, and compensation. 

How long does updating information on UCPath Online take?

Information entered into UCPath Online is instantly recorded in the UCPath system. It takes approximately one to two days to communicate the update with other systems connected to UCPath. UC Berkeley systems that receive data from the UCPath system may take one or two days to reflect the change, and external systems may take longer.

For example, if you add a direct deposit account, it will be saved in UCPath instantly, but you will only begin receiving direct deposit once UCPath has been able to verify the account with your banking institution. 

When will a new employee have access to UCPath Online?

New employees can access UCPath as soon as they have set up their CalNet ID, which may take 2 - 5 days.

Where will I access my retirement information?

There is a link to AYSO in UCPath, and, all retirement tools and information will remain active and available. If you are retired, you can access AYSO directly. Fidelity will be accessible through both AYSO and UCPath Online.

Will retirees have access to UCPath Online?

No. Retired employees who are not active employees in April 2019 will not be converted into UCPath. Retired staff and employees who leave UC Berkeley after UCPath goes live will have access to their historical information (e.g.W-2s) and will be given access sign on that does not require CalNet authentication.