Frequently Asked Questions - Other Questions

Where can I find my new employee ID number?

All employees were issued new ID numbers with UCPath implentation in March 2019. You can find your employee ID in the top left corner of the UCPath dashboard when you log in to UCPath Online. 

You can also use the CalNet Account Manager to view ID numbers for other systems. Access the CalNet Account Manager by visiting and logging in using the link in the top right corner. The CalNet Account Manager home screen will display a "My ID's" field, which will include your UCPath employee ID (main employee ID), your HCM ID (former employee ID), and your Campus Solutions ID (if applicable).

How does employment verification work in UCPath?

UCPath uses a third party vendor, The Work Number (Equifax) to provide employment verification. Employees log into UCPath, and navigate through Income and Taxes to Verification of Employment request. If you are applying for a loan, an apartment or job, your employment verifier (e.g. bank, leasing agent, or employer) accesses your employment information through The Work Number website. Instructions are detailed in the Verification of Employment page. The UCPath Center is currently preparing a self-generating letter on UCPath Online similar to what’s available in AYSO today.

How can employees access UCPath if they do not use a computer at work?

Employees can access UCPath from any computer, tablet or smartphone, using CalNet authentication and Duo verification. There are also Kiosk Workstations available around campus for employees who do not have their own computer. 

Is UCPath information available in Spanish and Mandarin?

Yes, information is available in Spanish and Mandarin on the Employee Resources page.