Frequently Asked Questions - Benefits


What do the abbreviation codes mean in my benefits summary?

UCPath determines the dependent's relationship to the employee based on the selections entered and populates the relationship description, e.g., Family, Child EE Biological/Adopted, Grandchild EE/SP/DP;EE TxDp.

The abbreviation coverage codes at the end of the relationship description refer to no imputed or imputed income. For example, Family (NA+FC) would mean no-imputed income adult + federal imputed income child. Any dependents you enroll who are NOT your tax-dependents would be subject to imputed income.

Abbreviation Coverage Codes

  • IC means imputed income child.

  • IA means imputed income adult.

  • FA means Federal imputed income adult.

  • FC means Federal imputed income child.

  • NA means no imputed income adult.

  • NC means no imputed income child.

FAQ also listed in UCPath Resource Center

Can open enrollment selections be submitted if a life event is open?

 No, only one benefit event can happen at a time per day. If a life event is open, the life event for the current year must be closed before submitting open enrollment elections for next year.

Does UCPath Center manage benefits enrollment?

UCPath Online is used for benefits enrollment, usually during the Open Enrollment period each fall, or due to a qualifying life event. 

Employees may also call the UCPath Center if they have questions about their benefits or the enrollment process.