Work Location Reporting Requirement for Represented Employees


The University has a legal obligation to provide accurate, timely information about the physical work location and contact information of represented employees to their respective unions. For more information on the laws or Berkeley Policy around Work Location, please review the Employee and Labor Relations AB-119 & SB-270 webpage (also referred to as Government Code 3558).

Work Location 

UCPath’s approach to this requirement is to use the Work Location. Work location is a combination of:

  • The physical Position location—down to the Building/Address, and Floor number as the location code.

  • Additional information specific to the employee in the position - such as suite number or cubicle. This is recorded in the cubicle field in the employee's Job Data. 

Please review the information below for more details on how Work Location is determined for various employee situations such as remote work, graduate students, lecturers, and more.

Position record:

Screenshot of UCPath

Job record on the Work Location tab:

Screenshot of UCPath