Welcome to UCPath

A new HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Academic Personnel Solution for all University of California Employees.

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Heather Archer, AVP, Academic Personnel OfficeHeather Archer | AVP, Academic Personnel Office

UCPath will update our payroll, benefits, and human resource systems, so they are integrated and will replace our legacy system, Payroll and Personnel System (PPS), that is based on outdated technology.

I strongly encourage all Academic HR Analysts, any other staff that handle academic appointments, and academics to become involved with the UCPath project. Your involvement can be as simple as learning about the project and staying updated as the project progresses. Some individuals, however, will want to take a more active role and give input on how the system should be implemented at UC Berkeley (UCB). We will be making some key campus decisions over the next few months, and having advice from departmental and decanal-level individuals will be very helpful. Read More