Employee Relations Codes (ERC)

ERC Values

A - Manager, not confidential
B* - Manager, confidential
C - Supervisor, not confidential
D* - Supervisor, confidential
E - All Others, not confidential
F* - All Others, confidential
G - Not covered by HEERA (out of state)
H - Student in Academic Title covered by HEERA (GSIs, Readers, Tutors, and other titles covered by the UAW agreement)
I - Student in Academic Title not covered by HEERA (GSRs)
X - Not applicable - Contingent Wk

*B, D, and F designations require prior approval by Central Human Resources (Labor Relations). Contact ELR for consultation and approval. See Compensation Compliance web page for additional information.

Supervisor - ERC "C" if not confidential or ERC "D" if confidential

Exercises independent judgment in determining the distribution of work to subordinate(s) AND performs at least 3 of the following:

  • Independently selects subordinate(s), OR participates in the interview and recommends who should be hired.
  • Independently determines performance ratings of subordinate(s), OR initially decides on the ratings, and submits them to a higher-level manager.
  • Independently decides within budgetary limitations the amount of subordinate merit increases, determines who will be selected for promotional opportunity, and decides which positions to recommend for reclassification, OR makes recommendations to a higher-level manager.
  • Has independent authority to issue written warnings and suspensions, OR independently determines what discipline (including dismissal) should be imposed on a subordinate, and recommends the same for review and approval to a higher-level manager.
  • Has independent authority to resolve grievances or complaints OR independently formulates a resolution to a grievance or complaint and submits the proposed resolution to a higher-level manager.

Generally, supervisors have full responsibility as described above for at least 2 FTE's (full-time equivalent) subordinates. Note: whenever "recommendations" are cited, they are customarily given substantial weight and are typically accepted. Faculty should be designated as supervisors ONLY when they supervise OTHER FACULTY. Work Leaders, who usually spend a substantial portion of their time performing work identical to that assigned to their subordinates, are not supervisors.

Manager - ERC "A" if not confidential or ERC "B" if confidential

Meets the criteria for the Supervisory designation, as described above, PLUS:

  • Has significant responsibilities for formulating and administering policies and programs.
  • Identifies objectives, directs programs, manages human, financial, and physical resources, and functions with a high degree of autonomy

Confidential - ERC "B" if manager, ERC "D" if supervisor, ERC "F" if not a manager or supervisor

  1. Any employee who develops or presents management positions with respect to collective bargaining with unions, OR
  2. Any employee whose duties normally require access to confidential information which contributes significantly to the development of management positions with respect to collective bargaining.

"Confidential" designation for the ERC does not include dealing with other types of confidential materials. Access to personnel files does not, in and of itself, mean that an employee's ERC is confidential, unless that access is used to develop management positions with respect to collective bargaining. Note: Except for employees in the Office of Human Resources, in the Chancellor's Office, and those who directly support the Vice Chancellors, the use of the "Confidential" designation should occur only rarely.

Not Covered by HEERA - ERC "G"

Employees who work out of state are not covered by HEERA (Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act).

Student in Academic Titles covered by HEERA - ERC "H"

Student titles covered by HEERA include the following Job Codes (GSIs, Readers, Tutors, and other titles covered by the UAW agreement):

  • Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) - 002310, 002311, 001506, 001507

Acting Instructor-Graduate Student

002320, 002321


001508, 001509


001508, 001509


001508, 001509


  • Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) - 003266, 003273, 003274, 003276, 003282, 003283, 003284
  • Reader - 002850, 002851, 002500
  • Tutor - 002860, 002861, 002500, 002851, 002500
  • Community Teaching Fellow - 002305, 002306
  • Nursery School Assistant - 002286, 002287

Student in Academic Titles not covered by HEERA - ERC "I"

Note: Student employees in non-academic Assistant I, II, III, IV titles (Job Codes 004922, 004921, 004920, 004919) have ERC "E."

None of the Above / All Others, Non-Confidential - ERC "E"