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Systems and resources related to but separate from UCPath. For contacts directly involved with UCPath, visit Support Contacts.

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At Your Service Online (AYSO)

At Your Service Online (AYSO) is where UC employees can view historical paychecks and tax information. For Berkeley employees, AYSO contains information from before March 2019. 

Berkeley Financial System (BFS)

Berkeley's financial system supporting accurate, timely, and meaningful financial transaction entry and reporting. 

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS)

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is comprised of six (6) "service regions" that provide local high-quality administrative support to their groupings of schools, colleges and departments. 

Berkeley System Status

Status and active incidents of systems on campus. Subscribe to alerts, report problems, or submit updates. 

Cal Answers

Cal Answers is an analytical tool allowing UC Berkeley to view centralized, integrated information from various campus systems. The tool makes data accessible to all, enabling staff, faculty, and students to locate reliable, consistent answers to


CalNet provides secure, effective and flexible identity and access control solutions for UC Berkeley. Berkeley employees use CalNet authentication to access UCPath.


UC Berkeley's tool for timekeeping. CalTime data feeds into UCPath.

Engineering and Integration Services

EIS developers supported data integration during the transition to UCPath. 

Fidelity Net Benefits

Access your UC Retirement Savings Plan accounts (including DC, 403(b) and 457(b) Plans), Savings Choice accounts, or Pension Choice supplemental accounts.

Retirement Benefits

UC offers a comprehensive array of retirement benefits, savings programs and educational and counseling resources to help you plan for retirement. 


ServiceNow is a system to support IT and HR requests.

UC Learning Center (LMS)

The UC Learning Center is the University's system-wide learning management system (LMS) for employees. Some UCPath training courses and support resources require registration through LMS.