Communications to Transactional Users

Access past communications to transactional users by topic and audience. Messages that begin with "[UCPath]" in the subject line are from the Berkeley UCPath team. Messages that begin with "UCPath Alert" in the subject line are sent on behalf of the UCPath Center.

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Subject Key Messages To Date
UCPath Notice: Update to UCPath Payroll Processing Schedules
  • New clarification added to Payroll Processing Schedules
Payroll Request Initiators 10/20/20
[UCPath] Catastrophic Leave Corrections
  • Contact UCPath Ops Team for assistance with corrections to cat. leave corrections
Catastrophic Leave training attendees 10/19/20
[UCPath] Payroll Updates
  • Recent updates from UCPath Center
Payroll Request Initiatiors 10/14/20
UCPath Update: Work Period is Now an Auto-Populated Value
  • Work Period will auto-populate as of 10/8
  • Affected areas
Position Management Initiators, Position Management Administators 10/7/20
UCPath Alert: 2020 Year-End Overpayment Deadline Approaching
  • Overpayment deadline
  • Implications for employees who have been overpaid
Payroll Leads 10/7/20
[UCPath] Concurrent Hire Process Change
  • Process change effective 10/1
Smart HR Template Initiators 9/29/20
UCPath Alert: Error Message When Submitting a PayPath Transaction - Resolved
  • Issue resolved
  • Resume PayPath transactions
PayPath Users 9/3/20
UCPath Alert: Error Message When Submitting a PayPath Transaction
  • Issue identified
  • Hold on processing PayPath transactions
PayPath Users 9/3/20
[UCPath] Jobcode Issue - Resolved
  • Issue resolved
  • Try failed transactions again
All Users 9/3/20
[UCPath] Partial Fix to Jobcode Issue
  • Partial resolution on jobcode issue
  • Report future errors to UCPath team
All Users 9/2/20
[UCPath] ERIT in UCPath Training Follow-Up
  • Training materials
ERIT training attendees 9/1/20
[UCPath] Jobcode Issue
  • Issue identified with Jobcode
  • Do not submit inquiry, UCPC is aware of the problem
All Users 8/31/20
UCPath Update: Interlocation One-Time Payment Process Change
  • Process change
One-Time Pay users 8/28/20
UCPath Update: HR Worksite ID - Required
  • Worksite ID field now a system requirement
  • Relevant job aids/resources
Position Management Users 8/28/20
[UCPath] POI on Person Org Summary
  • POI records not showing in Person Org Summary
  • Workaround: use Search by Name
Smart HR Template Initiators, POI Initiators and Approvers 8/27/20
[UCPath] Catastrophic Leave Training Follow-Up
  • Training materials
  • Answers to questions that came up in training
Catastrophic Leave training attendees 8/27/20
UCPath Alert: Update on Temporary Workaround Request When Submitting Mass PayPath Actions (E-081) to Salary Plan/Grade
  • Update
  • Reminder/workaround
  • Next steps
Mass PayPath Users 8/19/20

UCPath Alert: Defect with LNP and LNF Earnings Codes

  • Earning code defect
  • Workaround
  • Next steps
Extended Absence Initiators 8/17/20
[UCPath] Retro Pay Operational Alignment Deck Update
  • New guidance for retro FTE increases
  • See slides 20-21
PayPath Users, Payroll Request Users 8/17/20
UCPath Alert: Temporary Workaround Request When Submitting Mass PayPath Actions (E-081) to Salary Plan/Grade
  • Temporary workaround for mass PayPath actions
  • Expected resolution date
Mass PayPath Users 8/13/20
[UCPath] FY Funding Rollover
  • Funding rollover correction process
Position Funding Users, Direct Retro Users 8/11/20
UCPath Alert: RESOLVED - Issue with Editing & Submitting Existing Extended Absence Requests
  • Issue resolved
  • Notify UCPath Center of further issues
Extended Absence Users 8/3/20
[UCPath] Known Issue - Multi-Headcount Positions
  • Known issue with MHC positions
  • Intermin suggestion
Position Management Users 7/28/20
UCPath Notice: Phone Service Beginning Monday, July 27
  • UCPath Center phone service returns 7/27
  • Business hours, required information for callers, other details
All Users 7/23/20
UCPath Alert: Google Chrome Updates - Potential Error Message
  • Updates to Google Chrome may cause issues
  • Resolution steps
All Users 7/15/20
[UCPath] Update for ERC Codes to default
  • Changes to Employee Relations Codes (ERC)
Position Management Users, PayPath Users 7/10/20
[UCPath] Update on One-Time Payments
  • New Reason Code field added to One-Time Payments page
One-Time Pay Initiators, One-Time Pay Approvers 7/8/20
UCPath Alert: WFA Transactions Averaging 5-7 Days
  • WFA is currently averaging a turnaround time of five to seven days due to LBNL cutover, expect return to normal by 7/13
WFA Users 7/8/20

[UCPath] Training Update - Retirement Job Aid

  • Updates to Retirement Transaction Process for July 1 Retirement Date job aid
Smart HR Template Initiators 7/6/20

[UCPath] Training Update - Extended Absence Request Job Aid

  • Updates to Extended Absence Request Leaves and Descriptions job aid
Absence Management Users 7/6/20
UCPath Alert: Update on Current Auto Temination 
  • Due to the high volume of employee records UCPath is receiving with an end date of June 30, 2020, the Auto Termination process is on pause until July 3, 2020
Smart HR Template Initiators 7/1/20
[UCPath] Learning Lab Survey
  • Description of proposed Learning Labs
  • Link to survey
All Users 6/23/20
[UCPath] Dual Appointment Position Requirements Job Aid
  • New job aid for dual appointment positions
PayPath Initiators, PayPath Approvers, Smart HR Template Initiators 6/23/20
[UCPath] Transfers and Extensions Update
  • Users can now make the effective date the day after the prior appointment's end date in PayPath extensions or Smart HR Template transfers without causing a break in service
Smart HR Template Initiators, All PayPath and Mass PayPath Users 5/18/20

[UCPath] Guidance around Work-Study

Sent on behalf of Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO)

  • Information about leave for work-study students
All Users 5/18/20
[UCPath] e-Verify Checkbox
  • Clarification on e-Verify checkbox
Position Funding Initiators, Position Funding Approvers, Direct Retro Initators, Direct Retro Approvers 5/12/20

[UCPath] New Process: Retro Triggers for FTE Increases

  • New process for handling retro triggers for FTE increases as of April 28
Payroll Request Initators, Payroll Request Approvers 5/5/20
[UCPath] Retirement Job Aids
  • New job aid available to assist with the retirement transaction process for July 1 retirements
HR Templates Initiators, Retirement Approvers 4/22/20
[UCPath] E-104 - New Automatic Process on Pay Cycle Changes
  • New E-014 process will run when Job Data changes are detected
HR Template Initiators, PayPath Initiators, Payroll Request Initiators, One Time Pay Initiators 4/9/20
[UCPath] Review Paycheck Summary
  • Updates to Review Paycheck Summary page
Review Paycheck Summary Inquiry 3/31/20

UCPath Center Service Continuity Update

  • UCPath Center staff transitioning to remote work as of 3/20
  • Service modifications
All Users 3/19/20
UCPath Alert: GL Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) Process Issue - RESOLVED
  • Denied Direct Retros can be resubmitted
  • List of transactions attached
Users who had denied Direct Retro transactions 3/12/20
UCPath Alert: GL Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) Process Issue Update 3/10
  • New Direct Retros can be submitted
  • Failed Direct Retros should NOT be resubmitted yet, Berkeley team will follow up with users
Funding Entry Initiators, Funding Entry Approvers, Direct Retro Initiatiors, Direct Retro Approvers 3/10/20

UCPath Alert: GL Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) Process Issue

  • Do not submit or approve any GL Direct Retro (Salary Cost Transfer) transactions until further notice
Funding Entry Initiators, Funding Entry Approvers, Direct Retro Initiatiors, Direct Retro Approvers 3/9/20
UCPath Alert: URGENT - Resubmit PayPath Transactions by 5PM
  • Resubmit PayPath Actions by 5PM to ensure updates will meet deadline for biweekly employees.
  • Review this list to identify transactions needing submission
PayPath Initiators, PayPath Approvers 2/10/20
[UCPath] PayPath Issue Resolved
  • PayPath issue resolved, individual and mass PayPath working normally
PayPath Initiators, PayPath Approvers, Mass PayPath 2/7/20
UCPath Alert: Resolution - Mass Update for WFA Data Changes
  • Mass PayPath issue resolved
  • Mass PayPath can be used as workaround for PayPath issue until there is resolution
Mass PayPath users 2/6/20
[UCPath] PayPath Issue
  • PayPath issue preventing transactions from writing to Job Data
PayPath Initiators, PayPath Approvers 2/5/20
UCPath Update: Issue Resolved - Position Updates via Position Control
  • The issue is resolved
  • Location initiators should submit the Position updates via Position Control instead of using the workaround method
Position Management Initiators, Position Management Approvers 1/2/2020



Key Messages


UCPath Alert: WFA Data Changes (Mass PayPath)
  • Performance issues with Mass Update for WFA Data Changes (Mass PayPath)
  • Mass PayPath was made unavailable and is not be expected to be available until 1/2020

Mass PayPath Initiators, Mass PayPath Approvers


[UCPath] Approved Vacant Position Updates Not Saving

  • Since 12/2 we have had reports of updates to Vacant Positions initiated and approved but not updated to the UCPath Position record
  • We have reported the problem to UCPath as an urgent issue
Position Management Initiators, Position Management Approvers 12/3/19
UCPath Alert: Off-cycle Processing Delay
  • Off-cycle payments will be issued Tuesday, 11/26
Payroll Request Initiators, Payroll Request Approvers, Time File Upload Initiators, Time File Upload Approvers 11/22/19
[UCPath] Delayed Release: Search for People Page
  • Search for People page release delayed until 11/15
  • No functionality changes
HR Template Initiators 10/11/19

[UCPath] New Search for People Page + Personal Data Fields Changing

  • New Search for People (Search/Match) Page
  • Personal data fields changing on HR templates
HR Template Initiators 10/9/19

UCPath Update: New Job Aid: What You Need To Know About Interlocation One-Time Additional Pay

  • New Job Aid: Interlocation One-Time Additional Pay
HR Template Initiators, One-Time Pay  10/8/19
UCPath Alert: UCPath Unplanned Maintenance
  • Unplanned maintenance, UCPath unavailable
All Users 9/30/19
[UCPath] UCPath Online Authentication Issue
  • Order of campuses at UCPath login changed
  • Clear browser cookies to resolve authentication issues
All Users 9/10/19
[UCPath] Important Reminders about Work-Study
  • Reminders related to transactions that impact Work-Study Funds
All Users 9/6/19
[UCPath] Recommendation: Clear Your Browser Cache
  • Clear browser cache to alleviate issues
All Users 9/4/19
[UCPath] Check Your Transactions
  • Possible issues related to TAM conversion, check that transactions have saved
All Users


[UCPath] Garnishments processed by UCPC
  • UCPath Center process for processing garnishments
Payroll Initiators 8/30/19
[UCPath] Best Practices for Position Management
  • Attend sessions to learn best practices for position management
Position Management Initiators, Position Management Approvers 8/28/19
UCPath Alert: Labor Ledger Delay
  • UCPath experiencing data delivery issues
Funding Entry Initiators, Funding Entry Approvers 8/21/19
[UCPath] Upcoming System Unavailability
  • Upcoming UCPath unavailability dates and related info
All Users 8/20/19
[UCPath] Salary Admin Plan and Salary Grade Fields
  • User must manually populate Salary Plan and Salary Grade fields
Position Management Initiators, Position Management Approvers, PayPath Initiators, HR Template Initiators, Hire Approvers, Rehire Approvers 8/15/19
[UCPath] Modified ADD CWR Template
  • Fields added for contact information on CWR template
Smart HR Template Initiators 8/15/19
[UCPath] Payroll Request Updates + New Offcycle Dashboard
  • New offcycle dashboard added
  • Dashboard statuses, job aid, and significant updates to slides
Payroll Request Initiatiors, Payroll Request Approvers, Payroll Request Inquiry 7/12/19
[UCPath] Intra-Location Transfer Reason Code
  • Reason codes for intra-location transfers
Smart HR Initiators, Smart HR Approvers 7/12/19
[UCPath] Identity Questions Update
  • Information about identity questions and demographic data
All Users 7/9/19
[UCPath] SARA is Live Today
  • SARA retotrofitted for UCPath, initiate new security requests in SARA
  • SARA Guide
All Users 7/9/19
[UCPath] Help Site Not Working with Google Chrome
  • Help site not working with Chrome, use another browser
All Users 6/26/19
[UCPath] Late Pay Direct Retros
  • Freeze for Direct Retros
Direct Retro Initiators, Direct Retro Approvers 6/21/19

[UCPath] Funding Entry Freeze: June 10 at 12:00 PM - June 11 at 12:00 PM

Sent on behalf of the Controller's Office

  • Funding entry freeze
Funding Entry Initiators, Funding Entry Approvers 6/10/19
[UCPath] Full Time/Part Time Field
  • Set Full Time/Part Time field to "Fixed" or "Variable"
Position Management Initiators 6/10/19
UCPath Center Alert: Planned Maintenance - Saturday, April 27, 4:30 - 10:30am
  • Planned maintenance
All Users 4/22/19