the people behind UCPath at UC Berkeley.

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Meet the UCPath Operations Team!

The UCPath Operations Team is the team supporting UCPath and UCPath users at UC Berkeley. Under the umbrella of Berkeley People & Culture, the Operations Team optimizes UCPath for users, and supports staff across campus in resolving issues related to UCPath. 

Mission and Vision Statement:

We are a solution-driven team that supports training, technology, and advocacy in UCPath. We seek to continually improve and build confidence by being the campus experts on UCPath functionality, collaborating with our clients to ensure accuracy of pay and benefits.

We strive to enhance the UCPath experience by providing reliable UCPath operational support. We partner with campus and the UCPath Center to increase efficiency by implementing updated HR processes, training, and enhancements to the UCPath system.

Services provided by the UCPath Operations team include:

  • New user training for each of the UCPath modules
  • System security administration and management
  • System defect tracking and management
  • Test execution for system enhancements, defects, and reporting tools
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Data audit and reconciliation
  • Work with cross-functional teams across campus on complex HR business and systems issues
  • Coordinate between UC Berkeley and UCPath Center to escalate issues, keep up with system changes and enhancements, and communicate as necessary to users and campus stakeholders
  • CalPath Connect (monthly newsletter)

UCPath Operations Team

Stacey Alvarez, Director of UCPath Operations

Anna Waters, Business Analyst

Kyra Troyan, Business Analyst

Nico Feria, Business Analyst

Raymond Ringl, Business Analyst

Avry Schellenbach, Training Coordinator

UCPath Support Contacts

While the UCPath Operations Team is the primary support group for the UCPath system, UCPath is a complex system that is directly connected to many other groups on campus, such as the Controller's Office and Berkeley Regional Services. Depending on your issue or question, you may need to reach out to someone outside the UCPath team. 

View the list of Support Contacts to determine who to contact for assistance. 

You can reach the UCPath Operations team at

You can also contact us via the People & Culture HR Support Center at (510) 664-9000, option 3.