About UCPath

UCPath System

UCPath is the University of California’s payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel system for all UC employees. The UCPath system is used at every UC location, including campuses, medical centers, research centers, and UC Office of the President (UCOP).

Business System

The UCPath system processes thousands of HR and payroll-related transactions, many of which are input by UC staff at each location, and then processed by staff at the UCPath Center (UCPC) in Riverside, CA.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) & Manager Self-Service (MSS)

The UCPath system provides employee self-service, allowing employees to easily view and update their personal information, benefits enrollments, access paychecks, and more. Managers can also view limited information about their employees through manager self-service.

UCPath at Berkeley

UCPath was implemented at UC Berkeley in March 2019, and is primarily supported by the UCPath Operations team. While the UCPath Operations team is the main team at Berkeley dedicated to supporting the UCPath system, the Ops team works closely with many partners across campus. View the Support Contacts page for a list of groups involved with UCPath at Berkeley, including who to contact for help with various issues. 

UCPath Center (UCPC)

Located in Riverside, the UCPath Center is the transactional hub serving all UC locations. UC Berkeley has a dedicated liason from UCPC, who works closely with the UCPath Operations team to address issues and improve processes.