TAM for Hiring Managers & Interviewers

Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) for Hiring Managers & Interviewers

Job Postings and Application Review

“View Applications” is the tool to view multiple, complete applications in one PDF, called the Consolidated Application Report. Please note that the “View Applications” action is newly built and still being improved by the UCPath Operations Team.

Internal Applicant Job AidHow to View Applications

Known Issues

  • When the system runs the “View Applications report,” it may deliver most but not all of the submitted applications. UCPath is working with Oracle to identify which PDFs are causing the issue and how to fix it. 

    • Interim solution: Until a permanent solution is identified, UCPath is adding an “Error Log” that will be delivered with the Applications report. In addition to receiving most applicant’s applications as usual, the additional attachment “Error Log” will identify the applicant(s) whose applications were not delivered with the batch so that they can be reviewed individually. To individually review applications, return to the list of applicants and click on the Application icon for each of the missing applicants and download their attachments. 

  • The Consolidated Application Report (PDF) may display question marks instead of bullet points in the job posting in some resumes. An upcoming upgrade in Dec. 2021 should resolve this.

Where to Get Help With UCPath TAM

For recruiting questions please contact your assigned Talent Acquisition Advisor. For questions about how to perform specific actions in UCPath TAM, please contact the Berkeley Regional Services First Contact Team by phone at (510) 664-9000, option 3. If you experience technical issues using UCPath TAM, please contact the UCPath Center using the Ask UCPath Center button in the upper right of UCPath Online.