TAM for Hiring Managers & Interviewers

Job Postings and Application Review

“View Applications” is the tool to view multiple, complete applications in one PDF, called the Consolidated Application Report. 

Internal Applicant Job AidHow to View Applications

“Personalize” is a functionality that allows you to hide unneeded columns on the Manage Job Opening Page. For more information, please see the job aid below.

Internal Applicant Job AidHow to Hide Columns on "Manage Job Opening" page

Known Issues

  • When reviewing the Application Report, bullet points in the job posting may translate to question marks (?). This only occurs on the report, not on the actual listing.

  • There are "Preferences" sections on the Application Report that are not asked of UCB applicants, so will never have information populated. Please ignore these sections.
  • Occasionally the formatting of a Word document is lost, and the resume or cover letter may display strangely. This is the result of the system opening the file and adding it to the application report, not the fault of the applicant. UCPath is working on the issue, but it is a complex issue, as it varies per each applicant's choice of formatting and other variables.

Where to Get Help With UCPath TAM

For recruiting questions, please contact your assigned Talent Acquisition Advisor. 

For questions about how to perform specific actions in UCPath TAM, please contact the People & Culture HR Support Center at (510) 664-9000, option 3.

If you experience technical issues using UCPath TAM, please contact the UCPath Center using the Ask UCPath Center button in the upper right of UCPath Online.