Welcome to the Upcoming Key Projects page, where you can stay informed about upcoming UCPath projects and their deployments. This page contains details about what's changing in UCPath, how it will affect you, important dates, and how you can prepare for the upcoming implementation. 

Experian ID Theft Protection - April 2024

UC is implementing Experian an Identity Theft (ID) Protection plan. As of 04/01/24, the plan will be available to all UC employees and their dependents under 18. Employees will be automatically enrolled. The plan is entirely UC-paid, so no employee payroll deduction is necessary at this time (however, UC may decide at some point in the future to offer an employee-paid benefit enhancement option). The new plan will appear on your benefit summary as Identity Theft Protection and will show eligible.

The Identity Theft Protection benefit option will show up in your UCPath.

Ask UCPath Enhancements - April 2024

The goal of the Enhance Ask UCPath Initiative is to develop a user-friendly help site for employees seeking answers to their UCPath-related queries through the Ask UCPath platform.

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The following enhancements are set to launch in the upcoming March release:

1. New Employees Case Submission Form

The goal of the New Employees Case Submission Form portion of the Enhance Ask UCPath Initiative is to simplify the employee user experience when submitting an inquiry/case through Ask UCPath.

The system will automatically determine the topic, category, and subcategory when submitting an inquiry through the Ask UCPath portal.

To learn more about the changes please take a look at the Updated Job Aid How to Submit a UCPath Case.

2. Reopen Case Functionality

The goal of the Enable Reopen Case Functionality portion of the Enhance Ask UCPath initiative is to improve the existing custom pending case closure/follow-up case functionality.

Employees and transactors will now be able to:

  • Close their cases

  • Reopen a closed case and retain the original case number

Who will be impacted?

All employees and transactors will be impacted.

Pronouns and Gender Identity Updates in UCPath - July 2024

Effective July 2024, UCPath is implementing important changes to enhance the inclusivity of our system. We are introducing new features related to pronouns and gender identity. The goal of the Gender Identity and Pronouns project is to capture gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns in the UCPath system to align with the Gender Recognition and Lived NamePolicy

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What's Changing?

Beginning in July 2024, UCPath is rolling out options that will empower our employees:

  1. Pronouns: Employees can select pronouns that align with their identity.

  2. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: We will update SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) values to conform with the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy.

Where Will These Changes Be Visible?

There will be no changes to how and where Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Values are stored/displayed.  

The pronouns selected in UCPath will integrate into various aspects of the system, becoming visible to the following stakeholders:

  • UCPath Transactors

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Manager Self-Service

  • Reports

  • Downstream Systems

This update is part of our commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse environment. It's all about ensuring that every individual's identity is respected and celebrated.

We invite you to stay tuned for the July 2024 release, which represents another significant step in our journey toward a more inclusive UCPath.

Former Employee Portal - July 2024

The Project seeks a solution to strengthen or replace the authentication process for former employees needing access to the UC PeopleSoft-based Human Resource system. Access allows the former employees to retrieve their payroll and tax information for a duration of time once their location user accounts have been closed.

TAM Fluid Navigation - July 2024

This project will provide a modernized design with improved functionality for recruitment teams and applicants, reduce customizations, and implement a delivered solution. It will also remove security customizations to provide additional flexibility for how applicant details are managed.


  • Streamline the applicant process with a fluid candidate gateway that leverages activity guides to meet each location's business needs

  • Utilize a new home page and tiles that provide real-time information

  • Provide improved approval design for job offers and job openings

  • Enable delivered security options to improve location flexibility for hiring teams to access information

Manage Job Project - (AKA Replace PayPath Project) 2023 - 2026

The Manage Job Project is a transformative, multi-year initiative aimed at enhancing UCPath functionality. This project brings Oracle-delivered features to streamline job data processing, reducing reliance on the custom PayPath solution.

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Central to Manage Job are Activity Guides which streamline job data transactions through specific guided system processes while mitigating data entry errors. New transaction validations and edits are included to ensure data change transactions are submitted accurately and with more precision. The Manage Job solution is intended to fully replace PayPath functionality by 2026, and will be introduced in phases, beginning in 2023.

For more information, please see our past spotlights on the Manage Job project:

In addition to updating job information, Manage Job will encompass additional transaction types with validations, ensuring comprehensive functionality.

During this transition, all PayPath transactors will initially have view-only access to the Manage Job tile. Pilot users within the Region will be granted transactional privileges, with broader access being phased in over time.

Who will be impacted?

  • If you're currently using PayPath pages, please continue to do so alongside Smart HR Templates.

  • The UCPath Operations team in coordination with the pilot users will orchestrate the rollout of new functionality to all transactors, ensuring optimal timing and readiness.

Introducing Direct Entry Project (AKA Direct Hires) 2023 - 2026

The UCPath Operations Team, working in tandem with BRS and the UCPath Center, is embarking on a collaborative journey to introduce Direct Entry in UCPath. 

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What is the Project About?

This multi-phased project focuses on simplifying and streamlining the process of selected hire transactions, job data changes, terminations, and transfers within UCPath. The primary goal is to minimize the number of handoffs needed to complete these transactions, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our UCPath community.

For those who have used the former UCB version of HCM (prior to March 2019), this mirrors the previous ability to directly add a new employee or make updates directly to Job Data. 

Why is This Project Important?

By reducing the complexities and delays associated with transaction processing, the Direct Entry pilot aims to cut down on the manual processing that currently exists in UCPath. This initiative is expected to enhance the overall user experience and promote a more streamlined UCPath entry.

What to Expect?

The project will be implemented in multiple phases to ensure a smooth transition. We anticipate a gradual roll-out of this new functionality, designed to make UCPath transactions more efficient.

Future stages will explore adding the ability to add multiple updates with the same date in Positions (aka “effective sequencing”) as well as alternative methods for inserting historical changes that seek to avoid some of the issues with Paypath. 

We're excited about the positive impact this project will have on our UCB transactors. Stay tuned for updates and additional information as the project progresses.