Announcing upcoming Manage Job functionality in UCPath

December 15, 2023

** UC Berkeley is continuing to pilot this functionality at this time**

Dear PayPath and HR Templates users,

We are writing to inform you about a significant enhancement coming to UCPath Job Data management—introducing the 'Manage Job' functionality, slated to replace the current PayPath and select Smart HR Templates pages.

As of June 2023, you may have observed the 'Manage Job' tile upon logging into the Workforce Administration Homepage. This tile is accessible to all users with inquiry access for reviewing Job Data. In the near future, all Job Data changes will be exclusively processed through the Manage Job tile. To gain Initiator access and navigate this new interface, training will be required (details below).

Here are key details you need to be aware of:

Please read to the end of this communication, as there is important information that will impact all users. 

New Manage Job Tile

Since the UCPath Upgrade in June 2023, users have had inquiry-only access to the Manage Job tile. Featuring a refreshed user interface known as 'Modernized Job Data,' this redesign by Oracle departs from the familiar 'Classic' Oracle Job Data interface used over the past decade.

In Manage Job, users can submit transactions using an Activity Guide, guiding them systematically through each relevant page to process a specific type of transaction.

Workforce Administration homepage with the Manage Job tile highlighted.

Transition to Manage Job

Manage Job, an Oracle-delivered solution for Job Data changes, requires significantly less customization and code maintenance compared to the existing PayPath and Smart HR Templates solutions. UCPath has decided that Manage Job will be the sole platform for processing Job Data changes in the future. While the sunset date for PayPath and Smart HR Templates pages is not confirmed, it is anticipated to occur in late 2025.

Explore Manage Job today!

If you currently have access to PayPath and Smart HR Templates, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with Manage Job using your inquiry access. On the Workforce Administration Homepage, click 'Manage Job' > 'Search for an existing employee record' (similar to the current process in Job Data) and click on the right caret icon to open the Job Details record.

Search results in Manage Job page.

Job Details in Manage Job page.

New Required Training for Manage Job Initiator Access

Given the substantial system changes associated with Manage Job, training is mandatory for all initiators who will process changes directly in Manage Job. For those not directly involved in processing Job Data changes, training is strongly recommended for familiarity with the new pages.

Training dates and specific details will be communicated later in Spring 2024 when we plan to widely provision Initiator access after the completion of training.