Completed Projects

Here, we proudly showcase a comprehensive list of completed projects that reflect UC Berkeley's latest innovations. 

Annual UCPath Upgrade - March 2024

The next Annual UCPath Upgrade will move UCPath from PUM 44 to PUM 47 to implement improved efficiencies and functionality in the UCPath system.

As part of the upgrade, a new Additional Notes feature will be available within the Manage Job tile to show the total number of notes available for a job.

Who will be impacted?

The new Additional Notes functionality within the Manage Job tile will only be available for pilot users within the Regions.

Introducing the Upcoming Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Tool: November 2023

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our new Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) tool on November 13, 2023. This tool is designed to enhance the SCT process, address existing issues, and improve data accuracy.

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In preparation for this change, location transactors must process any pending direct retro (DR) and funding entry transactions by November 3, 2023, and complete mandatory training.


  • October 31 - November 16: Training sessions are available and required for all DR initiators, approvers, and inquiry users.

  • November 3: Review and approval of DR retro and funding entries by 5 p.m. Any transactions that have not been approved will be canceled by the UCPath Center as a part of their cutover activity. 

  • November 6: UCPath will process approved DR and funding entries.

  • November 6 - November 12:All UCPath GL pages will be disabled, including Funding Entry, Funding Upload, Direct Retro, Benefits Cost Transfers, and Budget Entry. 

  • November 9 – November 12: UCPath Center performs cutover activities. 

  • November 13: All GL access will be restored to locations, and the two new Salary Cost Transfer pages will be live.

Key Enhancements in the Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Tool:

  • Consolidated SCT entry page: This supports various funding types dynamically.

  • Improved search: Added filters for earnings end date, pay end date range, earnings code, and full account unit (FAU) by location.

  • Simplified error validation: Real-time error/warning notifications are available in a dedicated view for easier error resolution.

  • Streamlined data entry: Old and new salary expenses are visible in a single data entry area.

  • Enhanced restricted SCT data entry: Cap rule calculations are simplified, eliminating the need for a separate MCOP worksheet for capped funds.

  • Defect resolution: Existing issues in the direct retro tool have been addressed in the new SCT tool.

  • Increased distribution frequency: SCT data distribution is more frequent, providing access to up-to-date information.

Required Training for all Direct Retro Transactors:

To ensure a smooth transition and effective use of the new Salary Cost Transfer pages, we are offering ten training sessions for existing users. Training is mandatory for initiators and approvers, and we strongly recommend inquiry users attend for better understanding. Failure to attend this training will result in the suspension of Direct Retro Initiator and Approver roles until completion.

Previous Communications:

We have been keeping transactors informed of these developments through the following updates:

We appreciate your cooperation and readiness for these forthcoming changes. The transition to the new Salary Cost Transfer pages represents an important step in streamlining processes.