November UCPath GL Outage and Required Training for Salary Cost Transfer Transactors

October 6, 2023

We are now one month away from the start of cutover activities for the new Salary Cost Transfer pages. In this communication, we highlight:

  • Required training for all existing Direct Retro transactors

  • Implementation dates, during which all GL pages in UCPath will be unavailable*

*This includes Funding Entry, Funding Upload, Direct Retro, Benefits Cost Transfers, and Budget Entry

Required Training for all Direct Retro transactors:

We will be offering ten training sessions to get existing users familiar with the new Salary Cost Transfer pages:

Training Session Dates

Training is required for all initiators and approvers before you start using the new pages. We also strongly recommend that all inquiry users also attend the training to better understand how to read the new pages. 

Please note: Because of the extensive differences between the Direct Retro and Salary Cost Transfers tools and other critical information that will be presented, failure to attend this delta training will result in the suspension of any Direct Retro Initiator and Approver roles until the required training has been taken.

Implementation Dates and Planned UCPath GL Outage

Please note the following key dates, which will affect all GL users:

Friday, 11/3/23 - Last day to submit/approve Direct Retro and Funding Entry transactions

  • Transactors have until 5pm on Friday, November 3rd to submit and approve any outstanding Direct Retro and Funding Entry transactions. Any transactions that have not been approved will be canceled by UCPath as a part of their cut over activity. 

Monday, 11/6/23 - Location access to all GL pages in UCPath disabled

  • Starting Monday, Nov. 6, through Sunday, Nov. 12, all GL pages in UCPath, including Funding Entry, Funding Upload, Direct Retro, Benefits Cost Transfers, and Budget Entry, will be disabled. Please note, other UCPath functionality is unaffected, and will remain available throughout this time. 

Monday, 11/13/23 - Salary Cost Transfer pages go live, Access to GL pages resumes

  • Starting Monday, Nov. 13th, all GL access will be restored to locations, and the two new Salary Cost Transfer pages will be live.