UCPath Salary Cost Transfer August Highlight - Row Selection

August 11, 2023

Last month we introduced the new UCPath Salary Cost Transfer pages that will be going live in November, and that will ultimately replace the Direct Retro pages. Training dates and details will be communicated out to Direct Retro transactors in a future communication. In the meantime, as we approach the go-live date, we aim to provide more information on the features of the new pages to give you a better understanding of what to expect.

August Spotlight: Row Selection

When selecting rows to transact on in the Process Direct Retro page, each row represents a whole paycheck:

Payroll Data column in new UCPath Salary Cost Transfer page

In contrast, the Process Salary Cost Transfer page allows you to select individual earnings rows from a paycheck:

Payroll Accounting Data column in new UCPath Salary Cost Transfer page

In most cases, you would want to select all rows associated with a paycheck, but there are circumstances where you may want to select fewer rows. For example, if you need to redistribute earnings on a check that contains an inactive chartstring, you have the option to exclude the row with the inactive chartstring and proceed with the other rows as required. 

Training Requirements Reminder:

To ensure smooth processing of Direct Retro and Salary Cost Transfer functions, all initiators and approvers are required to undergo training. It is also highly recommended for all inquiry users to attend. Details and dates of the training will be communicated to Direct Retro transactors in an upcoming communication.