Announcing New UCPath Salary Cost Transfer Pages

July 21, 2023

This message contains important information about an upcoming change to the processing of Direct Retros, including:

  • Information about the new Salary Cost Transfer pages, 

  • The transition plan for the new functionality, and 

  • New required training for all Direct Retro initiators and approvers. 

Please read to the end of this communication, as there is important information that will impact all users. 

New Salary Cost Transfer Pages:

Starting mid-November 2023, two new menu items will be added to the Direct Retro folder: Process Salary Cost Transfer and Review Salary Cost Transfer.  

Screenshot of Direct Retro folder with dropdown items of Process Salary Cost Transfer, Review Salary Cost Transfer, Process Direct Retro, Review Retro Distribution.

Process Salary Cost Transfer is equivalent to the Process Direct Retro page, and Review Salary Cost Transfer is equivalent to the Review Retro Distribution page. However, the Salary Cost Transfer pages differ from the Direct Retro pages in significant ways:

UCPath Page

How earnings are Selected

How earnings are displayed on the page

How MCOP transactions are processed

Direct Retro (DR)

Transactors select whole paycheck

Separate sections for old and new earnings

MCOP worksheet used for restricted earnings

Salary Cost Transfer (SCT)

Transactors can select the whole paycheck or individual earnings rows

Old and new earnings displayed in one section for a given earnings period

MCOP transactions processed within the same window

Transition Plan for the New Functionality:

During a limited transition period (TBD), all four pages will be active simultaneously. However, after the transition period, the Process Direct Retro and Review Retro Distribution pages will be deactivated. 

Please note, some transactions will require processing through the Direct Retro pages, and others will require processing through the Salary Cost Transfer pages.

Earnings have had a Direct Retro



Earnings Period

Prior to October 2021

Direct Retro

Direct Retro

After October 2021

Salary Cost Transfer

Direct Retro

Both the Process Direct Retro and Process Salary Cost Transfer pages will direct the transactor to the appropriate page based on the above considerations. 

Please be aware that once the Direct Retro pages are deactivated, you will no longer be able to transact on earnings from prior to October 2021 or earnings for which there has already been a Direct Retro. 

New Training Requirements:

Due to the number of differences between the Direct Retro and Salary Cost Transfer functionality, training will be required for all initiators and approvers and is strongly recommended for all inquiry users. Training dates and details will be communicated out to Direct Retro transactors closer to November when the Salary Cost Transfer pages will go live.