Manage Job – Activity Guides & New Features

February 6, 2024

** UC Berkeley is continuing to pilot this functionality at this time**

Earlier this month we provided a navigation overview of the redesigned pages in the Manage Job pages in UCPath. Building upon this overview, we wanted to provide highlights of how transactions will flow in Manage Job. There are many significant changes that are different from the current PayPath pages, so we want our users to get a head start on what the changes will be prior to receiving edit access to Manage Job. Coming in April, we are introducing:

  • Activity Guides

  • Dynamic, editable fields based on Action / Reason

  • Pre-submit validation

  • Summary page

  • Changes to approval workflow

Activity Guides

Activity Guides are a new user interface in UCPath that guides a user through a transactional process. In the Manage Job page, the Activity Guide will walk the user through the necessary pages required for processing a Job Data change, based on the selected Action and Reason code. Users need only to follow the tabs to review all pages necessary to complete a transaction.

Activity Guide in Manage Job - New tab layout

Gif of the various new tab options that will be featured on the left of the screen. A dot turns green once it is "visited."

Dynamic, editable fields based on Action / Reason

  • For example, if we enter a Pay Rate Change - Equity (PAY/EQU), Salary & Compensation data elements related to a PAY action code are editable.

Popup for Create Job Action showing the effective date, action, etc.

Pay Rate Change window showing Salary and Compensation options.

Pre-submit validation

  • There is a new ‘Validate’ tab in the Activity Guide.

  • Changes entered on the transaction will now have a ‘pre-submit’ validation, allowing the user to review Warnings and/or Error messages before saving the transaction.

Validate options on new page.

Summary page

  • There is a new ‘Summary’ tab in the Activity Guide which summarizes changes made in the transaction.

  • Transactions are submitted here on the Summary tab.

Summary page of the Pay Rate Change options.

Changes to approval workflow

  • Once a transaction has been submitted, it will save to Job Data immediately

  • Certain (i.e., complex) transactions will still require a UCPath Center review and approval step. However, all Manage Job transactions will no longer require a UC Berkeley approval step.

  • In our next Manage Job spotlight, we will dig deeper into the approval workflow changes in Manage Job.

New! Required training for Manage Job Initiator access

Given the substantial system changes associated with Manage Job, training is mandatory for all initiators who will process changes directly in Manage Job. Training is strongly recommended for familiarity with the new pages for those not directly involved in processing Job Data changes.

Training dates and specific details will be communicated later in Spring 2024 when we plan to widely provision Initiator access after the completion of training.