Frequently Asked Questions - Absence Management

Absence Management

When are hours accrued populated in CalTime?

After each payroll cycle accruals will be updated in CalTime.

Can employees track their own detail leave hours?

Depending on the leave type, employees are able to enter their leave hours in CalTime using the correct leave codes. Some leave types cannot be tracked by the employee, like EFMLA. These leave types are managed by the Benefits and Leaves Team. The employee should coordinate with the leave coordinator.

Does UCPath display FML eligibility during the leave request entry?

Eligibility is displayed with in UCPath, but all hours and eligibility also need to be calculated and confirmed by the Benefits & Leaves or Workers Comp team.

Does the return to work date/end date auto return an employee to their current job, or does it require action?

The return to work date does not automatically return a person to work. The location must initiate a return to work action in UCPath.

If an employee changes from Intermittent leave to Block leave (e.g., full day or more usage), how should this be processed in UCPath?

A second leave request must be submitted and the usage must be coordinated with the UCPath Center (and possibly manager/department in order to capture any). Essentially, the first leave of absence row submitted, and then a subsequent row for the block leave should be submitted.

Is intermittent FML leave recorded in UCPath or CalTime only?

The leave is recorded in UCPath, but the time or actual days taken is recorded in CalTime. So, you can see an employee is on an intermittent leave of absence in the UCPath system through the Administer Leave of Absence page, but you would have to review Caltime to see the actual days an employee has recorded related to their intermittent leave.

Can leaves of absence for an employee be entered into UCPath at the same time if the employee is returning to work before the second leave?

No, consecutive leaves, with short "return to work" segments cannot be processed in UCPath at the same time. For example if an employee will be going out for a month, returning for three weeks, and then going back out on leave for an additional month - the two rows can not be entered into UCPath as a consecutive leave could be. The first leave must have an “actual return” before the UCPath Center can process an additional leave.

If it is necessary to put both leaves into UCPath at the same time, UCPC suggests submitting, but not approving the second leave until the employee has returned from the initial leave. This way all the information can be entered at the same time in UCPath, but not sent to the UCPath Center together until it can be processed.

Why are an employee CalTime and UCPath leave balances different?

Absence Management balances update in arrears. For monthly employees, time taken in one month are transitioned to UCPath the following month and appear on their paycheck the month following. For example, for a leave taken in April, those hours will flow from CalTime to UCPath in early May, then appear on the employee's paycheck in June. If you search for accrual balances after the hours have moved into UCPath, they will update April hours because that's when the leave was actually taken.

CalTime will generally have more accurate leave balances hours because of the interface time. For biweekly employees, accrual balances update on the quadricycle as outlined in the Payroll Processing Schedule.

Does an actual return to work date need to be entered into when submitting the Absence Management request?

When the leave is entered, unless it is a Sabbatical, the actual return to work date should NOT be entered. Once the employee returns from leave, then the original transaction should be edited, adding in the Actual Return to Work date.

If an employee changes leave type, how should this be processed in UCPath?

The first leave must be ended. A second leave request must be entered. For more information visit training materials or UPKs for the Absence Management request.

Will we be able to see when an employee is on leave in the Person Org Summary page?

Yes, their payroll status will show as "Inactive, Extended Leaves" once the leave has been added to their job data. 

Can approvers edit initiator notes or add notes?

Approvers can not edit initiator notes, but they can add notes to transactions they are approving for the Extended Leaves of Absence module.