Frequently Asked Questions - Absence Management

What kinds of leave can be recorded?

A basic overview of leaves that can be recorded include:

  • PTO
  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • COVID-19 related leaves such as EFMLA, PAL, and FLSA
  • California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL)
  • California Family Rights Act (CFRA)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Sabbatical
  • Personal
  • Medical
  • Jury Duty
  • Military, etc and/or any leave the employee is eligible for depending on their type of employment/appointment, or their employment agreement(s).

What are the acronyms on the Leave & Career Eligibility Hours page?

Job Aid: Career & Benefits Eligibility Hours

LAH Original Hours stands for Leave Accrual Hours Original Hours.

SAH Original Hours stands for Sabbatical Accrual Hours Original Hours

FML Original Hours stands for Family Medical Leave Original Hours.

HBE Original Hours stands for Hours Toward Benefit Eligibility Original Hours

HCS Original Hours stands for Hours Toward Career Status Original Hours

Working Hours: Because UCPath does not maintain the employee’s actual work schedule, this field displays 80 hours for biweekly employees. For monthly employees, the number of working days Monday-Friday in the pay period, including holidays, is multiplied by 8. For contract pay employees, the number of contract work days is multiplied by the number of contract daily hours.

Disability leave requires an employee use 20 days of their bank before Paid Disability is activated, is a second leave entry required after those first 20 days are used?

Leaves should be recorded based on a combination of the employee's available sick, PTO and/or vacation balances, and their desire to use them. A second unpaid leave is requested if the employee does not have sick, vacation, PTO to use and/or they have decided they will not use their balances.  

Is UCPath using hours worked as the system of record to determine FMLA eligibility?

Yes. There is a calculation based on Position, date of hire and hours worked.

Because Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is commonly entered after an absence is started, how and where are over/underpayments entered or reflected in UCPath?

FMLA usage hours should be entered using CalTime by choosing the appropriate usage code such as FMLA sick, FMLA vacation, and FMLA PTO hours. Overpayments will be reconciled by the UCPath Center during payroll processing.

What kind of turnaround does UCPC deliver when a FMLA absence is recorded? How does that affect payroll?

The UCPath Center follows their Service Level Agreement (SLA) regardless of leave type. Any leaves processed before the payroll cutoff will affect current paycheck. 

Who can add retroactive Absence Management entries into UCPath? What documentation is required if the action is retroactive?

An initiator can add retroactive leave. No additional documentation other than the required documentation based on the type of leave is required (e.g., doctors notes, return to work documentation, etc.)  

Does Berkeley process an employee’s leave in the UCPath system or does the UCPath Center?

Initiation, Approval, and Maintenance of leave status are all location (campus) based activities. UCPC reviews the leave request and facilitates the update of the job record in the UCPath system based on the information in the Extended Leave Request.

When are hours accrued populated in CalTime?

After each payroll cycle accruals will be updated in CalTime.

How does UCPath track sabbatical credits?

UCPath updates accruals on an ongoing basis and serves as the system of record. There is system functionality to attach documentation such as sabbatical reports. Additionally, a warning code will come up to indicate if no sabbatical credits are available.

Can employees track their own detail leave hours?

Depending on the leave type, Employees are able to enter their leave hours in CalTime using the correct leave codes. Some leave types cannot be tracked by the employee, like EFMLA. These leave types are managed by the Benefits and Leaves Team.

Does UCPath display eligibility during the leave request entry?

On the Extended Leave Request form, Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), CaliforniaPregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL), and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) hours and eligibility are captured in addition to the employees available sabbatical, sick, vacation, and PTO balances.

Does the return to work date/end date auto return an employee to their current job, or does it require action?

The return to work date does not automatically return a person to work. The location must initiate a return to work action in UCPath.

If an employee changes from Intermittent leave to Block leave (e.g., full day or more usage), how should this be processed in UCPath?

A second leave request must be submitted and the usage must be coordinated with the UCPath Center (and possibly manager/department in order to capture any). Essentially, the first leave of absence row submitted, and then a subsequent row for the block leave should be submitted.

Can intermittent leave be recorded in CalTime only, or can it be recorded in UCPath too?

Intermittent leave can be recorded in UCPath. It should be captured by placing an employee on an intermittent leave via the Extended Absence Request form in UCPath. Positive hours and leave hours should be recorded in CalTime. The interface from CalTime will update UCPath.

Must a return date be entered into the UCPath Absence Management form when the leave is logged, and does it require approval? If the Return date is updated, does that have to be approved too?

Yes, a return to work date is a required field on the Request Extended Absence form. If the return date is updated, approval is required.

Does the leave system audit for certain requirements due to union contracts?

 No. This process still needs to be monitored at the campus location.

Who should an employee contact for questions with Waiver of Premium?

Per UCPC, Prudential receives a monthly report from Liberty Mutual that lists employees that have been on disability. Prudential sends a Waiver of Premium packet to the employees on the report. The employees can apply for the waiver when they receive the Waiver of Premium Packet in the mail or they can also choose to apply on the vendor’s website. Once the vendor reviews the Waiver of Premium application, UCPC receives a letter of Approval/Denial.

The employee should reach out to the vendor for updates on their claim or questions with the process.

Can an employee be on two kinds of leave at the same time?

An example: Medical Leave is set as NON-FML (Family and Medical Leave) leave in the system. If the medical leave is also FML eligible, then the expectation is for the locations to enter a concurrent FMLA eligible leave for the same duration along with the Medical Leave, so that the appropriate FMLA/CFRA/PDLL buckets are decremented. The same logic is applied for Workers Comp. If a Workers Comp or Workers Comp ESL is entered in the system, and if the WC is FMLA eligible, then the expectation is to enter FMLA/CFRA/PDLL leave for the buckets(balances) to be decremented accordingly. It is possible to submit concurrent leaves for different reasons in the system.

The system does not allow the overlapping of two concurrent leaves of the same leave type and reason. This is a hard restriction. For example, the system does not allow Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/California Family Rights Act (CFRA)/California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL) for Employee SHC (Serious Health Condition) leave to be entered for the same duration or if the leave start date and expected return date overlaps.

If a leave is not FMLA-related, then they can concurrently exist with a FMLA leave.

If you change from Intermittent to Block (e.g., full day or more usage), how does that work?

 A second leave request must be submitted and the usage must be coordinated with the UCPath Center (and possibly manager/ department in order to capture any necessary revisions to CalTime).

If the Approver Denies the Leave, does a notification go back to the initiator?

Yes. Also, comments are required if a leave is denied.

Does the system show "lost" VAC hours if you hit your maximum?

No, UCPath only allows employees to accure hours up to their maximum. The UCPath system decrements usage before it applies accruals.

Is historical leave from the old system available in UCPath?

Only Military caregiver and Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available from the old system (PPS). Other historical leaves are not be available (neither is pay history).

If you have a contingent worker “A” who supervises another contingent worker “B”, but contingent worker “B” does not need to submit a timesheet in CalTime, does contingent worker “A” still need to have a position number?

Position numbers are only assigned to contingent workers who need to sign off on the time of an employee they supervise. If a contingent worker "A" supervises another continent worker "B," there is no Caltime involved, so therefore no need for a position number. If a contingent worker "A" supervises an employee "B", who enters time into Caltime that then needs to be approved, the contingent worker "A" will need a position number.

Will we be able to see when an employee is on leave in the Person Org Summary page?

Yes, their payroll status will show as "Inactive, Extended Leaves" once the leave has been added to their job data. 

Can approvers edit initiator notes or add notes?

Approvers can not edit initiator notes, but they can add notes to transactions they are approving for the Extended Leaves of Absence module.