Frequently Asked Questions - Payroll


What should I do if I believe there is an error in my pay?

If you believe there is an error in your pay, use your Berkeley Regional Services channel to report the issue right away. The sooner you report an issue, the more quickly it can be resolved. 

If you are unsure which service region your unit belongs to, you can Find Your Region here. BAMPFA, Cal Performances, and International House (I-House) employees should contact their local HR team.


ERSO Region

What if I don’t receive my check in the mail?

Check that your home address in UCPath Online is correct, and contact the UCPath Center if paper paychecks are not received after 2 business days from the pay date. The UCPath Center may place a stop on the check and reissue where appropriate.

How do I access the payroll calendar?

You can view the Payroll Calendar for both biweekly and monthly pay cycles in UCPath Online under Quicklinks > Payroll Calendars & Schedules > Payroll Calendar.

How long are paychecks kept in UCPath Online?

Paychecks are available in UCPath Online for a rolling 18 months. 

Can my three direct deposits in UCPath go to different financial institutions?

Yes, you can elect up to three (3) Direct Deposit accounts at different financial institutions. Note that only one change may be made to direct deposit information per 24 hour period. 

Many student workers are from out of state. Which home address should they list in UCPath?

Student workers should ensure their local address is listed as their home address in UCPath Online, because the home address is where paychecks will be mailed if a student employee is not enrolled in direct deposit. Student employees are highly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

If I have multiple jobs with UC, how will my earnings display on my paycheck?

If you have multiple jobs with the same earnings code but different pay rates, the earnings code appears on the pay stub with one line per pay rate. For example, if you work three jobs that all pay REG earnings, but each job is a different pay rate, three lines will appear on the pay stub in the earnings section.However, if you work three jobs that all pay REG earnings at the same pay rate, only one line appears in the earnings section with all hours on that one line.

Are there benefits deductions holidays in UCPath?

Yes, the benefits deduction holidays are in the Payroll Calendar inside UCPath. You can navigate to it in UCPath Online: Quicklinks > Payroll Calendars & Schedules > Payroll Calendars.