Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Information and Deductions

How will I get my W-2s for 2019?

Employees will receive two (2) W-2s for 2019 earnings: one (1) for earnings before UCPath goes live; and one (1) for earnings after UCPath goes live. W-2s for wages earned in early 2019 will be available in AYSO, while those W-2s for wages earned post UCPath go-live will be available in UCPath Online. Your designated W-2 delivery option in AYSO will transfer over into UCPath (i.e., mail or online option).

Will having two W-2s for 2019 impact my tax situation?

Receiving two W-2s should not impact your tax situation. Please note that UCPath does use a slightly different tax calculation methodology than PPS does. The methodology used by PPS and the methodology used by UCPath are both legally valid tax tables allowed by the IRS.

How long are W-2's kept online?

Whether in UCPath Online or in AYSO, W-2's are kept online for 3 years.

Why are my year to date (YTD) balances incorrect?

Because historical payroll data was not converted to UCPath, your paycheck reflects your YTD balances since UCPath began issuing pay in April 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and 2019 will be the only year that your YTD balances will not be reflected accurately on your paycheck. If you need a document that reflects your true YTD balances, please contact the UCPath Center ("Ask UCPath Center" button), and they will be able to provide one for you. 

Will my 2019 tax year employee contribution limits be correctly applied (i.e. 403B, 457B, Depcare, FSA, OASDI) even though my UCPath issued paycheck(s) only show 2019 YTD totals from March 2019 on?

Yes. UCPath has your complete payroll and tax data for this year, and will calculate and cap your contributions appropriately.

This has been verified by Central Payroll, as some employees have already reached the maximum annual contribution amount for their retirement account.