Top 3 Search Phrases and Keywords - June 2022

July 5, 2022

Top 3 Search Phrases: 

  • "Position Number"

    • More information on position numbers can be found in the slide deck for the UCPath: Position Management/Position Control class. This can be found on the Training Page in the Position Management section.
    • Simulations are also available on the UCPath Help site around creating, editing, and reviewing positions.
  • "UC learning center"

    • All UCPath Training courses can be found in the Learning Paths at the bottom or in the left menu of the "Need Access?" page
    • To open a course in the UC Learning center, click the name of the course from the desired learning path.
    • More information and training is available on the People & Culture UC Learning Center website
  • "Exemption form"

    • The forms related to tax exemptions can be found by logging into UCPath, and then selecting "Employee Actions", "Income and Taxes" and then selecting what you would like to update, for example "Federal Witholding (W-4)", which is where an employee can Claim Exemption from taxes being withheld for a specific year.
    • Information related to COVID-19 Exemption forms and processes can be found on this University Health Services webpage.
    • Other forms can be found within UCPath by logging in and then selecting "Forms Library" and then "Access Forms."

Top 3 Search Keywords: