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UCPath Security Access

All UC Berkeley employees have access to UCPath for self-service. If you need to gain access for processing business transactions, watch the short video on how UCPath access works before moving on to the lists below. 

UCPath access is organized by security roles, which determine the pages you can see, and the actions you can take from those pages. There are different types of security roles, and you may need access to different types of roles depending on your job duties.

UCPath Security Access

1. Determine security roles needed

You'll need different security roles depending on your job duties. 

Security Role Types

  • Initiator - Transactional User
    • Initiates requests / transactions
    • Creates / updates records
  • Approver - Transactional User
    • Approves requests / transactions submitted by Initiators
  • Inquiry - View-Only Access
    • Able to view information directly in UCPath system but cannot take any actions
  • Cognos Reports - Reporting Access
    • Access Cognos reports which use data from UCPath

Note that there are some additional administrator roles that are not widely available.

The UCPath Operations team has compiled a list of recommended roles for some common jobs on campus. Note that while these recommendations will help you get started, the exact roles you will need may vary depending on your individual job duties. 

If you don't know which Region you are in, use the Region Finder.

2. Determine trainings required for your security roles

Review the list of security roles, and see whether training is required. Training requirements are the same across all Regions and departments.

3. Take required UCPath trainings

Modules are listed in the menu on the left. Most modules begin with short online courses in the UC Learning Center, and end with one longer, instructor-led course.

4. Request UCPath security access

After completing training, request UCPath access through the Systems Access Request Application (SARA).

You can review the guide for more information on UCPath SARA requests.

If you have questions about security, contact