Accessing Cognos Reports

1. Access the UCPath Portal and select Berkeley.

2. Provide the necessary information to complete the sign-on process, which will bring you to the UCPath Portal dashboard.

3. Once on the dashboard, navigate to the Quicklinks option on the left and then select Cognos Reports.

4. You will then be directed to the InCommon screen for the environment. Select your campus location from the dropdown and proceed to authenticate your access.

5. Once authenticated, you will be directed to the Welcome to IBM Cognos Analytics home page for Cognos reporting.

6. Select the Team Content folder. Then select the UCPath Reporting folder to access the reports.

7. The items listed under UCPath Reporting represent the areas that have been provisioned on your behalf. For example, you will see folders for areas such as Benefits, Payroll, Workforce Administration, etc., depending upon your access.

8. When you select a subject area folder, you will see a list of corresponding reports.

9. Select a report from the list to open the parameter page. Once you have completed your specifications, use the Execute Report button at the bottom of the screen

10. Once executed, the report will take time to gather data, based on your specifications (Please note: this can take several minutes, depending on the size of the population you are requesting).

11. Once the report is compiled, you will receive an HTML version that is formatted for viewing on the screen. When you select the arrow at the top of the screen, open additional options to export the data in various formats.

Note: The report can also take some time to transition the data to the requested format, depending on the size of the report.

Additionally, all reporting content is located under the Team Content folder.  You will not have functionality under the My Content folder because your profile is not defined to support that feature.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please reach out to the UCOP Cognos Reporting Team at