Transactional User Resources

Transactional users are employees who initiate or approve transactions in the UCPath system. This page contains resources to support transactional users, including job aids, relevant calendars, slides from past presentations, and more. 

Planned UCPath System Unavailability

There will be planned UCPath system unavailability when our sister campuses cut over to UCPath. UCPath will be completely unavailable on the dates below. This includes all transactions, inquiry/view-only access, self-service, and TAM job postings.

System Unavailable Reason
12/5, 5PM - 12/9, 8AM UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz Monthly Conversion
12/18, 5PM - 12/22, 8AM UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz Biweekly Conversion

Job Aids and Resources by Topic

For more information about reporting, please visit the Report Center.

To add the UCPATH CALENDAR to your bCal, click the blue plus sign in the bottom right corner of the calendar display above. To add individual events, click on the event, then click "Copy to my calendar."

Berkeley-Specific References


Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) Client Facing Payroll Calendar

BRS deadlines for clients. These deadlines apply to campus departmental staff who are submitting requests to BRS staff for processing.



Visit the Training Resources page for security information, including recommended role packages.

UCOP / UCPC Systemwide References


User Productivity Kit (UPK) / UCPath Help Site

Guides and job aids by module, provided by UCOP.

UCPath ERSO REcommended role packages

UCPath Center Payroll Processing Schedule

System deadlines for UCPath payroll processing. These deadlines apply to BRS and Position Funding users. Note that BRS client deadlines to submit requests are earlier to allow time for processing (see BRS calendar).

UCPath Center Working Hours

UC Monthly Standard Working Hours

List of UC standard working hours per month for 2019 and 2020.

UCPath Berkeley User Group

Join us for the UCPath Berkeley User Group, where you’ll be able to learn, share information and ask questions about UCPath. Zoom details for each meeting are listed in the calendar below. For past meetings, click to review slides.

June 11, 4pm - Slides

July 9, 4pm - Slides

August 15, 9am - Slides

September 20, 9am - Slides

October 16, 9am - Slides | Video Recording

November 13, 4pm - Slides | Video Recording Coming Soon!

December 10, 4pm - Add to my bCal