UCPath Center

UCPath Notice: Phone Service Transition Begins Next Week

July 11, 2022

UCPath will begin the first phase of its transition to a new phone system provider, Talkdesk.

Beginning July 13, 2022, employees calling UCPath will experience the following changes:

Callers will enter the first initial of their last name for authentication purposes in addition to the previously required entries (last four digits of their social security number and date of birth) Callers may leave a voicemail while waiting to speak with an agent when the “call back” feature is not available Callers will hear the...

CalPath Connect - July 2022

July 1, 2022
Light Green Header Image With Text Highlights from this Newsletter:

PayPath “freeze” dates for Non-Ladder Rank faculty are 07/01/2022 through 07/07/2022

Position & Job Data Update forms have now been merged into one form

No action is needed when submitting a Smart...

CalPath Connect - June 2022

June 3, 2022
Light Green Header Image With Text Highlights from this Newsletter:

PayPath no longer displaying “read only” records during PayPath hold times for payroll processing

Workforce Administration and Commitment Accounting (GL) transactions must be approved within 7 days of being entered into the system or they will time out and...

UCPath Notice: Telephone Service Transition (Postponed)

May 17, 2022

UCPath will transition from its current phone system provider to a new provider, Talkdesk. Initially this was scheduled for May 25, 2022, but the transition has been postponed. Initially, employees will hear new options when calling UCPath.

Starting in September, employees calling UCPath will notice:

New features, such as call wait time announcements while on hold and keyword speech recognition A virtual agent answers frequently asked questions to expand employee self-service capabilities UCPath agents have ready access to an expanded knowledge base to quickly...

UCPath Notice: Announcing the New UCPath Metrics Site

May 10, 2022

UCPath has launched a new metrics site for the UCPath community:

UCPath Metrics Dashboard

The SharePoint-based site includes a variety of operational metrics, including those currently shared via the weekly UCPath Operations Summary report and the monthly service description reports. It supports more in-depth analysis, comparative review, and downloadable access to underlying data than current reporting. The new site enables UCPath to...

CalPath Connect - May 2022

May 6, 2022
Light Green Header Image With Text Highlights from this Newsletter: Work-Study guidance including End of Year Reminders & Deadlines; Work-Study Direct Retro job aid updated A Final Pay Comments Template has been released, additional information is available on the new job aid and the...

CalPath Connect - April 2022

April 4, 2022
Light Green Header Image With Text Highlights from this Newsletter Final Pay process updating to reduce time required to issue final pay PayPath transactions that trigger Retro Pay need to be entered and approved by the "Employee Data Change" deadline Resolved: Incorrect Benefits...

What services and functions does the UCPath Center provide?

The UCPath Center provides services to support payroll and benefits processing, such as:

Executing/managing the payroll compute and employee payment functions System wide payroll related benefits interactions (e.g., processing payments for healthcare vendors) Tax processing Garnishment processing Employment/income verification