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UCPath System Training Courses for Transactional Users

Welcome to UCPath system training! Training is required for anyone who will initiate or approve transactions in UCPath. Trainings are grouped by module. 

If you already know which modules you need access to in UCPath, please register for the appropriate trainings below. If you are new to campus or aren't sure which modules you need access to in UCPath, you can review the Recommended Role Packages lists on the right. 

If you're having trouble with registration, you can review the helpful guides immediately below.

UCPath ERSO REcommended role packages

UCPath Recommended Role Packages

List of recommended role packages by job type.

UCPath ERSO REcommended role packages

UCPath ERSO Recommended Role Packages

List of recommended role packages by job type specifically for ERSO.


Security Access Requests

After completing training, you must request UCPath access through SARA. Review this guide for more information and a link to SARA. For questions about security, contact

Position Management

Training for users who initiate/approve position requests and updates for vacant positions, and inquire on position data.


Training for users initiating/approving new hire transactions, concurrent hire transactions, rehire transactions, employee personal data changes transactions, voluntary termination transactions, involuntary termination transactions, retirement transactions, and intralocation transfer and interlocation transfer template transactions.

Absence Management & Employee Accrual Adjustment

Training for users who will initiate/approve, update, extend, monitor the employee leaves report and return employees from extended leaves of absence. This module also addresses how to enter accrual adjustments in the UCPath system. 

Position Funding Entry and Updates & Direct Retro

Training for users who will enter and/or approve new position funding, position funding updates, and direct retro updates.

PayPath Transactions

Training for users working with position data changes, job data changes and additional pay transactions - including combinations changes in relation to position data, job data, and additional pay transactions executed through the PayPath module. 

Inquiry (View-Only) Access

Training for users who will have inquiry (view-only) access.

System Administrators

Training for users who are responsible for security administration and Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) management (routing and maintaining department approvers).

Person of Interest

Training for users initiating new Person of Interest Request, Maintaining existing Person of Interest profiles and Approving Person of Interest Transactions.

Additional Compensation and Payroll Adjustment Request

Training for users who will be submitting/approving requests for one-time payments, recurring payments and for final / off-cycle payments.

Budget Distribution

Training for users who will initiate, upload, updates, and/or approve budget distribution data.

Allocate Compensation

Training for users who will be reviewing compensation transactions, update compensation proposals, submitting compensation proposals, approving, or denying compensation cycles.