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UCPath Online gives employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to UC employment information based on their role. Employees can log in to UCPath Online from mobile devices, tablets, or computers, at work or at home. Through UCPath Online, employees have the ability to update personal information, add or update direct deposit, update tax withholdings, enroll in benefits, and more.

Planned UCPath System Unavailability

There will be planned UCPath system unavailability when our sister campuses cut over to UCPath. UCPath will be completely unavailable on the dates below. This includes all transactions, inquiry/view-only access, self-service, and TAM job postings.

System Unavailable Reason
12/5, 5PM - 12/9, 8AM UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz Monthly Conversion
12/18, 5PM - 12/22, 8AM UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz Biweekly Conversion

Employee Information

2019 W-2s

Two W-2's for 2019

UC Berkeley employees who have been employed since March 2019 or earlier will receive two (2) W-2’s for 2019: 

1) At Your Service Online (AYSO) (January – March 2019) and 

2) UCPath (April – December 2019)

This is due to the transition to the UCPath system in March, 2019. 

Enroll for Electronic UCPath W-2

Visit UCPath and click on Income and Taxes > Enroll to Receive Online W-2.

  • Verify your current status. If your current status says CONSENT RECEIVED, then you do not have to do anything – your previous enrollment from AYSO successfully transferred to the UCPath system.

  • If your current status is blank, then you must follow the directions on the screen to sign up.

  • Check that your email address is up-to-date.

Once you’ve signed up, all notifications about your W-2/W-2c will be sent to your preferred email address on file in the UCPath system.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ’s – UCPath W‐2s

Direct Deposit

Enrolling in direct deposit means you'll receive your pay faster and more securely, and you don't have to worry about updating your address when you move.

With UCPath, you can you can elect up to three (3) direct deposit accounts at different financial institutions. (Note that only one change may be made to direct deopsit information per 24 hour period.)

Enroll in direct deposit in UCPath Online by navigating to Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit.

Please note that although your information will be saved in the system immediately, UCPath needs to verify your account with your banking institution before beginning direct deposit. Depending on the timing of your enrollment and pay cycle, you may receive a paper paycheck in the interim period while UCPath is verifying your account. 

Employment Verification

UCPath uses The Work Number to provide verification of employment for UC employees. Please note that if you have not been employed with UC since January 2019, you must contact the Records Management team for past employment verification.

Current employees (or those who departed UC after January 2019) should log in to UCPath and select "Income & Taxes" from the menu, then select "Verification of Employment." 

You will be directed to the following instructions under "How to Provide Proof of Your Employment and Income:"

Please provide your employment verifier the following information:

  • Inform them that UC uses the The Work Number
  • Provide them the University of California Employer Code: 15975
  • Provide them your Social Security Number

In some instances, you may also need to create a "Salary Key" in order to complete an income verification. If your employment verifier requests a salary key, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to The Work Number as an employee.
  2. Enter the following information:
    • UC Employer Code: 15975
    • User ID: Your Social Security Number
    • Personal PIN: Your birthday (MMDDYYYY).
  3. Select the "Create a Salary Key" option.
  4. Provide your verifier the six-digit salary key.

ID Numbers

Find your new employee ID number in the top left corner of UCPath.

You can also use the CalNet Account Manager to view your ID numbers. Access the CalNet Account Manager by visiting mycalnet.berkeley.edu and logging in using the link in the top right corner. The CalNet Account Manager home screen will display a "My ID's" field, which will include your HCM ID, your UCPath ID, and your Campus Solutions ID.

Open Enrollment 2020

Open Enrollment 2020

Open Enrollment (OE) 2020 is from 8am on October 31 to 5pm on November 26, 2019.

OE is managed by Central Human Resources, and more information is available on the CHR website

The UCPath Center is hosting one-hour interactive webinars to provide information on new plans, and instructions on how to enroll using UCPath. Register here.


New Paycheck Layout

You've probably noticed that your paycheck has a new layout. Understand your new UCPath paycheck, and see how it compares to your former PPS paycheck by reviewing the guide below.

Your UC Paycheck - Changes to Expect

Calculation Differences

UCPath uses industry-standard calculations that are more modern and accurate than PPS (our former payroll system). Gross and net income totals, tax withholdings, and benefits deductions may vary slightly in amount due to calculation differences between PPS and UCPath. Review the flyer below for more information.

Reasons Your UCPath Paycheck Calculations May Look Different

Security Questions

The first time you log in you’ll be prompted to set up five security questions to protect your personal data.

The security questions help verify your identity to prevent unauthorized access or changes to your financial, health benefits or personal information. Click here for a demo on setting up your security questions.

You'll need to answer your security questions to access the following information:

  • Direct deposit
  • Paycheck
  • W-2
  • W-4 (state and federal)
  • Benefits summary
  • Dependent coverage
  • Life events/benefits changes
  • Enroll in benefits
  • Personal information

You can read this article on Link, UCOP's e-newsletter, to learn more about the new security verification on UCPath.

UCPath Reference Guides


Where do I...?

Navigation guide for self service employee actions in UCPath Online.

Chart icon

How UCPath Displays Leave Balances

Guide for how to view leave balances in UCPath.

Help Resources

Login / Access

If you accidentally select a campus other than UC Berkeley from the UCPath Online campus list (see below), you will need to clear your browser cookies and close your browser to return to the list of campuses. 

UCPath Online campus list

If you are still unable to login to UCPath, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

Where to Report a Pay Issue

If you are unsure which service region your unit belongs to, you can Find Your Region here. Cal Performances and International House (I-House) employees should contact their local HR team.


ERSO Region

  • Call the First Contact Team (FCT) at (510) 664-9000, option 3

  • Use ServiceNow to Ask an HR Question or Report an HR Problem

  • Contact your HR Partner, HR Generalist, or Research Administrator (RA) directly

Contact UCPath Center

Have questions or need help? Please visit UCPath and click on “Ask UCPath Center” to submit an inquiry. You can also call the UCPath Center at 855‐982‐7284 from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday to speak with an associate.

UCPath Online Training

UCPath HelpSite 

View UCPath Online Job Aids, and practice how to conduct self-service transactions including viewing your checkstubs, and print step-by-step guides for the various UCPath Online transactions.

View Details about Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service Web-Based Training Information

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