What UCPath pages and documents will retain legal name?

Some of the following pages are only visible to employees, some that are visible to location transactions, and some pages that are visible only to UCPath Center may still show legal name.

  • UCPath Pages:

    • Job Data
    • Modify a Person

    • Workforce Job Summary

    • General Deduction Entry Update

    • Review Paycheck

    • Review Paycheck Summary

    • CA State - W4

    • Federal Withholding

    • Add Dependent

    • Admin Verification of Employment

    • Search for People (Search/Match)

  • Documents:

  • W-2, W-4, Paycheck

  • Employment Verification Form

  • Explanation of Benefits document (not the email but the actual attachment)

  • State Agency Prior Service Form

Refer to  List of Updated UCPath Online Pages for more information.