Lived Name: Transactors

How can you search for name with accented and special characters?

At this time Lived Name does not accommodate searching for accented and special characters. It is recommended to search by the employee's ID as much as possible, but if it is necessary to search by name, there are a few strategies you may use:

Create the text in Microsoft Word (using the insert symbol function) or Google Docs, and copy/ paste into UCPath. Use the...

What pages and documents will retain legal name?

UCPath Pages:

Workforce Job Summary

Job Data

Modify a Person

General Deduction Entry Update

Review Paycheck

Review Paycheck Summary

CA State - W4

Federal Withholding

Add Dependent

Admin Verification of Employment

Search for People (Search/Match)


W-2, W-4, Paycheck

Employment Verification Form...

As a transactor, how do I know if I am searching/transacting on the right employee?

Name fields in UCPath will refer to a person’s lived name.

Legal Name fields in UCPath will refer to a person’s legal name.

Screenshot of the options under Find an Existing Value.

The best way to search for employees in UCPath is to use the UCPath Employee ID, also known as EMPLID. Transactors should use the name...

Do Hire Templates allow lived name entry in addition to legal name?

There are fields for both Name and Legal Name on the Hire template. If you know an employee’s (lived) name at the time of hire, you can enter that information at that time. Otherwise, you can leave the fields blank and the system will copy over the Legal Name into the Name fields. Later, once the employee is active in UCPath, they can update their information through UCPath Online or a Personal Data Change Template can be submitted on their behalf.

Do offer letters contain the employee’s legal name?

Offer letters do not mandate legal name, and are addressed to the employee with their lived name.

Do we need to start asking for legal name prior to the hiring process?

Prior to the hiring process, set the expectation that their name, legal name, and documentation will need to be provided at the time of hire. Ensure you are referring to employees by their lived name at all times, and inform them that legal name is only required to ensure benefits and payroll information and employment verification are set up correctly.

What do I do if I think I need to know someone's legal name? How do I ask for a legal name?

If your role involves working with information or records that require you to request a legal name, it is important that this is done respectfully, discreetly, and with empathy.

Analyze if there are any other unique identifiers that you can use to confirm identity (employee/student ID number, street address, phone number, email etc.)

Confirm that you are authorized to ask an employee for their legal name and that it is necessary for the business operation you are facilitating.