Why is my middle name or middle initial showing up in the Campus Directory and email? How do I remove it?

The Campus Directory pulls information from the Name fields in UCPath, which includes your Lived First, Middle, and Last Name. Lived Name is the name you commonly use and may differ from your legal first, middle, or last name. If you do not commonly use your middle name in communications, you will need to update your lived name in UCPath to remove it from downstream systems.

If you have not added a lived name in UCPath, your Legal Name fields were automatically copied over. 

Employees can take the following steps to update their lived name in UCPath:

  1. Log into https://ucpath.universityofcalifornia.edu

  2. In the left panel, select Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

  3. Click the downward arrow in the Legal Name/Name section

  4. Click on your name

  5. In the top right, click on the gray Edit Legal Name/Name button

  6. Update the lived name fields in the lower 'Name' section

    1. If you do not commonly use your middle name in communications, you may remove it in the lower ‘Name’ section.

  7. Click Okay

  8. Click Submit 

Contingent Workers (CWRs) and Persons of Interest (POIs) such as Academic Prehires & Retirees cannot update their names in UCPath Online and will need to contact their Region or UCPath Center for assistance with submitting a Personal Data Change Template.

Screenshot showing Legal Name/Name Change with the edit and submit buttons highlighted.

Screenshot showing Edit Legal Name/Name with the OK button highlighted.