How do I update my legal name in UCPath?

Take the following steps to update Legal Name in UCPath:

  1. Log into

  2. In the left panel, select Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

  3. Click the downward arrow in the Legal Name/Name section

  4. Click on your name

  5. In the top right, click on the gray Edit Legal Name/Name button

  6. Update the Legal name fields in the Upper 'Legal Name' section

  7. Click Okay

  8. Click Submit

Changing a legal name requires approval through UCPath. (Note this change can take a little more time than changing lived name and if changing both, it’s recommended to change lived name first.)

Once a legal name is updated, no other changes can be submitted until the legal name change is approved. (e.g. the lived name cannot be changed while the legal name change is pending)

Screenshot showing Legal Name/Name Change with the edit and submit buttons highlighted.

Screenshot showing Edit Legal Name/Name with the Legal Name field and OK button highlighted.