Commitment Accounting (Position Funding and Direct Retro)

Introduction to UCPath

The Introduction to UCPath is required for all UCPath transactional users, regardless of which module(s) you will be using.

This course covers system basics and need-to-know information about how UCPath functions. If you have already taken this course for another module, it will be marked complete in the UCPath Learning center and you will be able to register for the courses associated with this module. 

We recommend closing all other applications and browser windows when completing the training content. 

Introduction to UCPath

Introduction to UCPath

eLearning, 65 minutes

Required for all users

This training provides an overview of UCPath, PeopleSoft, and the modules for users who perform transactions beyond self-service. The Introduction to UCPath is a prerequisite course for users who perform transactions beyond self-service within UCPath. This course:

  • Discusses UCPath's key benefits and the role of the UCPath Center
  • Recognizes and defines UCPath key terms and acronyms
  • Lists and describes the UCPath system modules
  • Provides an overview of all standard UCPath functionality including:
    • Navigation
    • An overview of the available field types and data entry methods
    • Information on how to access the UCPath help site
  • Provides an overview of Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) in UCPath and reviews the steps for approving various types of transactions
  • Introduces the basic layout and navigation of Cognos reports for UCPath 

This eLearning combines the former web based trainings:

  • PHCMNAV100 PeopleSoft Overview

  • PHCMNAV105 Basics and Navigation

  • PHCMNAV108 Cognos Reports

  • PHCMNAV106 Reports and Processes

  • PHCMNAV310 AWE Overview and Approvals

Commitment Accounting (Position Funding and Direct Retro) Learning Path

Once you have completed the Introduction to UCPath, you may continue to the Commitment Accounting Learning Path . 

Commitment Accounting Learning Path

 The Commitment Accounting Learning Path includes the three consolidated courses below.

UCPath Commitment Accounting Overview

(combined former classes: PHCMGEN100 Commitment Accounting Overview; PHCMGEN101 Chartfield Configuration; PHCMGEN102 GL Assessment Configuration)
Description: This class provides an overview of how the commitment accounting module fits into the UCPath system, the primary functions of Commitment Accounting the general ledger (GL) integration process. We will also walk through how GL Assessments are configured.
Time: 15 minutes
Required/Optional: Optional

UCPath Position Funding

(combined former classes: PHCMGEN110D1 Funding Entry Inquiry; PHCMGENL201 Position Funding and Entry Updates)
Description: This class walks through Position Funding in UCPath. Where it fits within Commitment Accounting, how to use the funding entry inquiry page, and how to enter position funding transactions.
Time: 45 minutes
Required/Optional: Required

UCPath Direct Retro

(combined former classes: PHCMGEN115 Direct Retro Inquiry; PHCMGENL202 Direct Retro Funding Updates)
Description: This class walks through Direct Retro inquiries and transactions within UCPath.  
Time: 30 minutes
Required/Optional: Required