CalPath Connect - December 2022

December 2, 2022

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In this Issue

  • Final Pay Template Changes Effective December 5
  • New Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) - Display Order for Chartfields
  • 2023 Payroll Calendars available in UCPath
  • Updated Payroll Configuration Codes
  • Off-Boarding Changes for Terminated Employees
  • UCPath Workcenter Going Away Effective December 5
  • Missing Direct Retros from Late Jun ‘21
  • December Expiring Appointments - Take Action!

Change and Enhancements

Final Pay

Starting 12/05/22, payroll transactors will no longer be required to record the following in the comments section.

  • Last day on paid status: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Termination Transaction ID
  • Auto Termination Date
  • New Outstanding Balances
    • [Deduction Code] $[Dollar Amount] [PR Transaction Number]
    • [Overpayment-PR Transaction Number]

Instead, they will be asked to record the Termination Transaction ID in the designated field that has been provided at the top of the E-078 form. The expected job end date and last day on pay status are view only fields.

New Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA)

The University of California is implementing a new systemwide Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) structure. As part of the CCoA redesign, all locations have agreed to a single new UC-wide chartfield order. The new order will be available in UCPath beginning December 13, 2022.

The purpose of this project is to update UCPath page chartfield ordering adhering to the new UC systemwide standard to better align UCPath chartstring ordering with Berkeley Financial System (BFS) General Ledger chartstring ordering.

Who will this impact?
This will not impact BFS users, it only impacts those who are entering data into the UCPath system

For additional information, the New UCPath CCOA Display Order job aid is now available.

2023 Payroll Calendars

  • UCPath has now added the 2023 LBL monthly standard hours.
  • BW/MO Payroll Calendars & Monthly Working Hours are now in UCPath and the Knowledge Library.

Updated Payroll Configuration Codes Under Quicklinks

Earn Codes
Earn Codes Special Accumulators
General Deduction Codes Special Accumulators
Local Deduction Codes
Systemwide Deduction Codes

Off-Boarding Changes for Terminated Employees

To align with UC policy and best practices and ensure more accurate and up-to-date employee records, beginning December 5, 2022, UCPath will begin deactivating systemwide general deductions, additional pay, stipends and active direct deposits after 60 days for terminated employees without active appointments. Employees rehired after less than 60 days may have some of those deductions/payments start up again if not updated. Anyone rehired after 60 days should be counseled to set up their Direct Deposit again.

Note: The process applies to systemwide general deductions for terminated employees only, it does not apply to garnishments and locally managed deductions.

UCPath Workcenter

Reminder, the UCPath Workcenter (available via the Navigation menu) is going away on December 5th. The new HR Tasks and Payroll tiles now contain the links to commonly used pages, so the separate Workcenter is no longer needed.

Removing UCPath Workcenter

Direct Retro

Missing Direct Retros from Late Jun'21

Following up on several questions received from campus users, the Controller’s office has worked with the UCPath Center to identify ~70 direct retros that were submitted and approved during the last week of June 2021, but failed to post to the general ledger. UCPath has reprocessed 66 transactions in Oct & Nov 2022. There are an additional nine transactions that are expected to post in Nov 2022. Please review this file for details on the specific transactions.

Position Management

December Expiring Appointments - Take Action!

As we approach the end of the year we want to remind folks to work with their departments to review job records with approaching end dates, in particular those that are expected to automatically terminate in UCPath.

Upon reaching the “Expected Job End Date,” UCPath will terminate all employees with expired jobs for which the “End Job Automatically” box is selected.

To avoid unintended impacts to pay, benefits, or access please take one of the following actions:

  • Submit PayPath Transaction to
    • Place on a short work break
    • Extend or re-appoint
    • Check the “End Job Automatically” box to terminate on the job end date automatically
  • Submit HR Template to
    • Transfer to another position
    • Terminate/Complete
  • Allow the system to auto terminate


  • Please consider a Short Work Break (SWB), which can be entered through a Mass PayPath transaction, for positions you are unsure will be ending. Keep in mind, for academic students, it is okay to have the SWB for just the month of Jan 1 - Jan 31 during this Fall to Spring transition. There can be no SWB for Lecturers during Fall to Spring. Please refer to the Short Work Break Matrix for additional information.
  • Extend the “Expected Job End Date” before December 31, 2022, to ensure system updates such as primary job changes, pay rate changes, benefit eligibility changes, etc., are applied to the record
  • Submit an extension or termination if the job record has an “Expected Job End Date” and the “End Job Automatically” checkbox is not selected in order to avoid potential payroll impacts.