Avoiding "Email" Cases when Submitting Inquiries to UCPath

July 19, 2022
  • Emails to ucpath@universityofcalifornia.edu, without a case number and reference number in the subject line, generate a new case create a new inquiry with "email" as the source. A number of cases have been opened in this way, which causes significant extra work to re-structure the case especially if the transactor has Submit on Behalf of (SOBO) access. 
  • If you would like to email the UCPath Center in relation to a current case, include the case number and the reference number in the subject line. This will attach the email or email thread to the case. If possible, reploy to an email that was created by the UCPath system. this will reuse the case and reference number (in the brackets of the email.

UCPath Inquiry: 0079XXXX for Employee J Doe [ref:_00Do0HMM8._5003l185yJx:ref]