UCPath Paycheck Changes

Understanding Your UCPath Paycheck

When UCPath is implemented, employees will be able to review their online paystubs in the UCPath Online portal.

Menu Navigation: Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > View Paycheck

  1. Current name and address in the UCPath system
  2. Newly assigned Employee ID number
  3. Filing status and allowances for state and federal tax forms
  4. Earnings displayed in work week increments. Vacation and sick time used are included in the hours and earning display.
  5. Federal and state tax withholdings for the current pay period and the year to date
  6. Before tax and after tax deductions are displayed separately
  7. All contributions UC pays on your behalf to health and welfare plans and retirement.
  8. OASDI (Social Security) and MED (Medicare) gross amounts are included in current year and year-to-date display
  9. Check (advice) number, account type, and total amount of pay deposited to accounts. You may have up to three direct deposit elections.