UCPath - Last Chance to make changes before Go-Live

Get set for UCPath in February by following a few simple steps.

All self-service users (faculty, staff, student employees) should review the information below. Transactional users should visit the Transactional User Resources page for additional information. 

  • Review your personal information in Blu
  • Sign up for direct deposit in Blu if you are not already enrolled
  • Get to know your current paycheck
  • Review important dates and deadlines
  • Understand the changes to employee IDs

All the information you need to get set is below!

If you still have questions, please view Frequently Asked Questions, attend office hours or Contact Us.

Review your personal information in Blu

Log into Blu to update your personal information. Be sure the following are correct:

  • Home address
  • Emergency contact

Update any incorrect information by February 28. On March 1, you will no longer be able to make any changes in Blu, and will need to wait for the UCPath Online portal to go live on March 30. 

Please note that UCPath team does NOT manage Blu. If you are trying to access Blu from off-campus, you must use a VPN. For more information about Blu, please view the IST Blu Portal page. For questions or technical assistance, please contact IST. 

See guide: Blu Portal: How to Change Home Address

Sign up for direct deposit in Blu if you are not currently enrolled

Employees are encouraged to enroll for direct deposit before UCPath go-live. Bi-weekly employees can still sign up through February 21 to receive their first paycheck from UCPath via direct deposit. 

Please note that all employees can still sign up for direct deposit in Blu through February 28, signing up after the UCPath deadline (1/30 for monthly employees, 2/21 for bi-weekly employees) simply means that their first paycheck from UCPath will be mailed to their home address indicated in Blu. All employees will also have the option to enroll in direct deposit once the UCPath portal is live on March 30. 

If you are already enrolled in direct deposit, your current selection will automatically migrate into UCPath and you will not need to sign up again.

To enroll for direct deposit, see the links below:

If you are not sure whether direct deposit is right for you, you can read more about the benefits of direct deposit

Get to know your current paycheck

View your online earnings statement in At Your Service (AYSO). Download or print a copy to review and compare to your future UCPath paycheck. 

Review these important dates and deadlines

February 28 Deadline to update personal information in Blu
March 1 Blu and At Your Service Online (AYSO) become read-only
March 30 UCPath Online is live!
April 1 First pay issued from UCPath for monthly employees
April 3 First pay issued from UCPath for biweekly employees

Understand changes to Employee IDs - No New Cal 1 Card required

All employees will be getting new employee ID numbers. You will be able to view your new ID number in the UCPath Online portal by logging in with your CalNet ID once the portal is live on March 30.

Employees will NOT be getting new Cal 1 Cards. All access (building, library, sporting events, etc.) will remain with your current Cal 1 Card. Please continue to use your current Cal 1 Card during and after the transition to UCPath. Your current card has your old Employee ID number. The card software system will tie your new ID number to your current Cal 1 Card automatically, there is no action required from you. Please do not make any physical modifications to the card that interfere with the magstripe on the back of the card or the bar code on the front. There is a possibility of a campus wide card replacement in the next few years to take advantage of improved card security technology.

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