What's Happening with HCM 'Friendly Names'?

June 27, 2018

June 2018 Update: The functionality has been re-built outside of HCM and successfully rolled out into production.

  • In preparation for moving to UCPath, the HCM Friendly Names entry and setup functionality is being rebuilt in a separate application outside HCM.
  • This application will have the same functionality currently in HCM, but with a more advanced and easier-to-use interface and design.
  • These changes will affect HCM users only; CalTime users will not experience any differences as a result of these changes.
  • The application is targeted for rollout by Spring 2018. 
  • Affected users will receive appropriate communication and instruction on the new application.

Background: There are some setup tables and custom fields on the HCM Job Record that are usually entered by CSS HRIS teams, and then passed into CalTime as 'Friendly Names' for chartstrings. The purpose of this information in CalTime is to enable an employee filling out a timecard to report hours worked against a displayed chartstring in a friendly, recognizable format (i.e., “Friendly Name”). Since this custom functionality will not exist in UCPath, UC Berkeley must rebuild the functionality outside of HCM.