What’s Happening with Employee ID Changes?

February 12, 2018

2019 Cal ID Card (C1C) News Update:    Please visit the Set page for updated news...

  • The UCPath Tech Team is currently analyzing whether Cal will be required to reissue new ID cards to employees at go-live in March 2019.  They are working with Cal1Card and their current parallel effort investigating the complete replacement of ID cards with more current, more secure card technologies. They want to identify systems with card reading technology and departments impacted by a card replacement. The current Cal1Card and CSGold software that supports it is being evaluated to see if it can seamlessly convert to the new UCPATH employee ID, card information that is acquired by bar code, magstripe, and radio frequency ID (RFID).  They may be able to avoid issuing new cards if campus systems using the cards (e.g., CalTime, Library) can use the CSGold software to map the card information to PPS employee ID (current), UCPATH employee ID (new), Student ID, UID, and RFID. 

  • In preparation for this move, every system owner on the Cal campus must evaluate if their system(s) currently includes employee id; the impact this change will have on their system; and identify mitigation strategies.