Recruiting Update: TAM Remaining Live During UCPath Transition

February 25, 2019

As we approach go-live, we want to give an update on how the UCPath transition will impact Recruitment. We have confirmed that TAM (our existing Talent Acquisition Management system) will remain up and active during the UCPath transition in March.

What this means for applicants:

External applicants will still be able to apply for positions both during and after March. Our own internal applicants (existing Berkeley employees) will see no changes. Employees who are hired after the transition to UCPath will need to apply as external applicants until we convert to the UCPath version of TAM in the near future.

What this means for hiring managers:

For hiring managers needing to review applications, there will be no change. However, any new managers hired after the UCPath transition will not be able to access TAM and will require their recruiter to manually pull applications and send them for review. New jobs may still be posted in TAM during March, and any questions may be directed to your recruiter.

This information has been communicated directly to managers and supervisors.