Post Conversion Data Clean-Up Details

May 13, 2019

As of June 2019, this page is no longer being maintained. If you have questions, please send an email to and/or update the Service Now Incident number directly. 

Post April 1 Conversion, there is an ongoing effort to clean up data issues identified by various sources.  For the consuming applications that need to follow suit and keep up with the data clean-up efforts, here is a running list of data clean-up activities, and where to find details of impacted employee id's.  Click on the link in the Box file column to see the list of impacted employee ids.  If there are updates/corrections needed to this page, please email with a comment, and include [UCPath Data] in the header.  

Date Available Issue Description File/Service Now Incident Reference
5/13 Path Duplicate ID's Duplicate Path ID Tracking Sheet
5/3 Duplicate POI record deleted 10187013 INC0860030
4/30 Notice from UCPC of Dup ID Deletion: 10187001 INC0857779
4/25 Updated Duplicate ID resolution results from UCPath Path Dupids asof 25 Apr 2019.csv
4/5 List of Duplicate UCPath IDs;  Box file contains Path updates on suggested next steps to resolve the duplicate IDs. UCB_EMPLID_DUPLICATE_20190405 .csv
4/5 List of Campus Solutions (CS) and Path ID collisions;  Provided as FYI for downstream systems capturing both Student and Employee ID information. CSID_PATHID_Collision_20190405.txt
3/27 Job Data Cleanup:  job data deleted from Path post Go Live, also needs to be deleted at UCBerkeley UCB_EMPLID_JOB_DELETE_ME_20190402 .csv
3/27 List of missing job positions  Path_Job_Position_missing_reportsTo.csv

Known DDODS Data and/or Employee API Issues
Item Description Status Incident Reference
1 Missing entries for Emplid/Org_Instance_ern in PS_PER_ORG_INST In Progress INC0839957
2 POI Data Issues Resolved
3 Job Records w/ no PS Person Job Data Resolved
4 Duplicate IDs Resolved
6 New Hires, Contingent Workers (CWR) - recovery emails not getting added to their records - Calnet team is working through this issue In Progress
7 Handling of 'D' - DML_IND records flagged for Delete records  Resolved
8 Small population of student employees not returning StudentID.  Impacts Cal1Cards and a few student's ability to swipe their time cards.  Since the names aren't matching, this is an ongoing issue and may linger for some time.   In Progress
9 Use case where multiple POIs are input for the same person;  calnet is merging the data on their side InProgress
10 Department node sync issue between BFS (UCB system of record)  and Path:  New Department updates not getting synced with Path:  Issue escalated and being worked by the Business InProgress