Integration Testing Overview

August 23, 2018

What’s the Scoop on Integration Testing?

As the UC Berkeley campus starts its 2018-2019 academic year, new and continuing students embark on a new phase of their education journey. Similarly, the UCPath project enters its next major phase: Integration Testing.

This article is the first of a series of Technical Talk articles planned in the next few months, intended to introduce general information about Integration testing, and how you will be impacted. This first article provides an overview of UCPath Testing milestones and schedule. The next article will focus on what you, as technical owners and developers of impacted system(s), need to do to get ready for Integration Testing. As the testing phase progresses, subsequent articles will provide details on employee data values that may arise during Integration Testing, and can be used as a guide to clarify common data related questions, that may impact system integration testers.

UCPath Testing Milestones and Schedule:

Note: Dates are fluid and depend on UCOP’s schedule. As dates change, the updates will be communicated

UCPath Testing PhaseDescriptionSchedule
Integration Testing 1 (IT1) First cycle of End-to-End Integration Testing IT1: 9/4 - 10/4
Integration Testing 2 (IT2) Second cycle of End-to-End Integration Testing IT2: 10/22 - 12/15
Payroll Parallel (PP1, PP2) Two cycles of Payroll Parallel Testing.
Note: One month in between for issue resolution and to reset files
PP1: 8/27 - 9/28
PP2: 10/29 - 11/30
User Acceptance Test (UAT) Focus on UCPath and API User Acceptance Testing UAT: 1/7 - 2/15

Since one of the primary objectives of Integration Testing is to confirm interactions between systems, exposing issues is an expected byproduct of that process. In an effort to provide structure, and to help prioritize efforts to address the issues, impacted systems are classified into categories with a corresponding priority. The system categorization will help with priority setting when integration issues arise once testing is well underway.

PrioritySystem CategoryRecommended Test Phase
1 Systems with Direct UCOP Interface Feeds and Direct Payroll impact Integration Test 1
2 Systems with Direct UCOP Interface Feeds and Indirect Payroll impact Integration Test 1
3 Campus ERP Systems Integration Test 1 and/or 2
4 Downstream systems and employee data consumers Integration Test 2

Employee API

Downstream systems impacted by employee ID changes are encouraged to plan testing efforts early October through mid-December.

For Employee API v3 consumers, converted employee data, required for downstream system testing will be available once the Employee API v3 transitions from the current Development phase to the next Testing phase. During the Employee API Test phase (October through December), you will be expected to:

  1. Confirm development and testing to date against the current development endpoints meet your business requirements
  2. Validate relevant data fields return expected data and are visible via the Employee API v3 payload(s).

Looking further into the future, while bug fixes to the API will be addressed during both UCPath and Employee API UAT, there will be a feature request cut off date during Integration Testing 2 (IT2) for the API. Stay tuned for additional communications and details when Employee API v3 migrates from Dev to TEST in October.

As always, you can join the UCPath Integration Team at UCPath Technical Office Hours, and reach out through email at