Getting Ready for Integration Testing

September 13, 2018


This article highlights important tasks you need to know to prepare for Integration Testing.  Key information includes what’s available, what you need to do to prepare, and what tools/resources are available to help you prepare.

Since many of you are also on email distribution for Employee API Development updates, and may already be reading about Development updates, this article simply re-iterates development information that remains relevant during the Integration Testing phase, and also introduces what you need to know about data redaction during Integration Testing.

Key Features

One key testing piece of information many of you have been anticipating is the availability of converted UCPath employee id data.  Converted employee data, with a default data redaction policy applied will be available in early October, against the Employee API in the Test environment.  If your usage pattern for the API is expected to return a large volume of data, it will be important to implement the pagination feature, otherwise you may not see all expected records returned; the API enforces 500 records per page. Details on pagination can be found via the What's Happening to the Employee API technical article.

Data Validation

Once your client is set up to consume the employee data via the API, you will need to focus on data validation.  The Employee API is an available tool offering the ability to toggle back and forth between current state HCM legacy data and UCPath data, to validate the converted data.  Details on how to toggle can be found via the Employee API Dev Updates document.  While converted employee ID information is available in the API, a mapping file is also available for reference.  We'll provide additional details in the next article, "UCPath Data Mapping Guidance".

Data Redaction

During Integration Testing, slated to kick off in early October, a default data policy will be in place to secure sensitive data.  Your current Employee API credentials will provide access to the standard set but will not include access to sensitive data.  If your business process requires access to sensitive data, we are working on a process for exception, and will send out more information within the next two weeks.

Available Resources

To kick off the formal Integration testing phase for downstream consumers, the UCPath Technical Team will host an API demo at the Banway Building.  The meeting will take place during the standing UCPath Technical Office Hours time slot.  If you cannot attend in person,  we will provide Zoom meeting details. Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 27, from 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.  We will send out further communications, calendar invites, and agenda information prior to the demo.

Exciting times ahead…Stay tuned as we send out occasional updates on progress, and share technical news.