Employee API v3 Changes and Updates in UAT

February 28, 2019

This article will be updated after Employee API changes have been deployed to the UAT environment.  The following key information is available via this article:  

  • Employee API v3 Updates in UAT
  • Requests/Defects in UAT
  • Known Issues in UAT
Employee API v3 Updates
Item Description Date Deployed Tracking Number
1  [EmployeeAPI]  Intermittent mapping issues where the Reports To and Position don't always display correctly in specific use cases. 2/27/2019


2 [Employee API]  The Employee API v2 list of Terminated Employees function is now available in v3. 2/22/2019


3 [Employee API]   Compensation component mapping to parent JOB rows adjusted 2/22/2019


4 [Employee API]  Allow future effective data elements on Job, Position, and Compensation 2/22/2019


5 [Employee API]  Update DPL rating for Employee API on API Central to reflect DPL1.   2/22/2019 UCPTT-406
6 [Employee API] Additional fields added to Employee API to support SIS FeeRemissions:  (STD_HOURS, STD_HRS_FREQUENCY, PAY_END_DATE).  Ensured EARN_DIST_TYPE  consistently displays data. 2/7/2019


7  [Employee API]  Data categorizing the employee relationship to a specific position is now available (UC_EMP_REL_CD) 1/31/2019 UCPTT-354
8 [Employee API] Performance has been tuned when using the /v3/employees changelog endpoint.   1/31/2019 UCPTT-365

Employee API v3 UAT Requests/Issues
Item Description Who Reported Date Reported Estimated Date Available Status Issue Type
1 UCPTT-354:  [Employee API]  Make the UC_EMP_REL_CD field available ERSO 1/22/2019 1/31/2019 Completed Feature
2 UCPTT-425:  [Dept API] limit parameter does not always work ERSO 2/12/2019 2/28/2019 In Progress Defect
3 UCPTT-426:  [Dept API] Missing Departments from the Dept API ERSO 2/12/2019 3/4/2019 In Progress Defect
4 UCPTT-428:  [Dept API] Duplicate employees returned ERSO 2/12/2019 3/4/2019 In Progress Defect
5 UCPTT-185:  [Employee API]  New list of Employees provided in a file Labor Relations 7/17/2019 TBD In Progress Feature
6 UCPTT-441: [Employee API]  Enhance changelog to provide failsafe mechanism for consumers to recover in the event of unexpected interruptions, by including the ability to propogate changes based upon non-real time employee updates from the DDODS. Internal Feb 2019 TBD In Progress Feature
7  UCPTT-440:  [EmployeeAPI]  Intermittent mapping issues where the Reports To and Position don't always display correctly in specific use cases. BFS Feb 2019 2/26/2019 Completed Defect

Known Issues
Item Description
1 [Resolved]  You may experience an API timeout when using the /v3/employees changelog endpoint.  If you do, please use page limit size = 100 until the next deployment, scheduled for 1/31/2019, to improve performance.