The Employee API Migration from DEV to TEST

October 25, 2018


The Employee v3 API is moving from a Development to a Test environment, in alignment with the UCPath Testing Timeline. This next Integration testing phase for the Employee V3 API is planned from mid-October to end of December. This phase is a precursor to the UCPath User Acceptance phase, slated to start January 2019.

What's available in Test?

As the API transitions from DEV to TEST, new URLs, as well as additional APIs are now available in TEST:  

While the previous Dev endpoints will remain accessible, your development efforts need to transition to the test URLs.  The data in the DEV environment data source will become stale, whereas the TEST environment is based upon realtime interface feeds as well as incremental database updates with UCPath.  The latest converted data made available towards the end of the Development phase will continue to be available in TEST.

In TEST, you will want to focus on validating that the API supports your application goals and identify any gaps such as missing employee fields, or any other request,  to ensure your application needs are met.  We are targeting a specification freeze in early December to allow time to focus on stabilizing the current API for User Acceptance Test (UAT), focus on iHUB performance tests, and triage issues related to data conversion. 

How do I request access to restricted data?

The TEST environment supports data redaction policies.  The list of restricted employee data can be found via API Central, by navigating to the Interactive Docs for the Employee API.  To support your business application needs, if you need access to one of the restricted fields, you will need to fill out the Restricted Employee Data Form found under Implementation Notes.   Your request will be forwarded to the Data Owner for review, and you be able to follow the progress via a ServiceNow ticket automatically created after submitting the form.

How do I report issues?

Send an email to  Your request will be triaged, routed to the appropriate resource(s), and assigned to a ServiceNow incident number.

When can I expect issues to be fixed and communicated?

The Employee API testing in the TEST environment is occurring simultaneously with the larger UCPath functional and interface testing.  We plan to establish a twice a week deployment schedule. We’ll provide details in the upcoming weeks on how the changes and updates will be communicated.

How do I get help?

Join us at UCPath Technical Office Hours available every Thursday from 1 to 2 pm (PST).