Employee API Changes and Updates in PROD

May 24, 2019

  As of June 2019, this page is no longer being maintained. 

If you have questions on updates on the items listed in the "Requests/Defects/Known API issues" section, please send an email to eis-support@berkeley.edu and/or update the Service Now Incident number directly. 

This article will be updated after Employee API changes have been deployed to the Production environment.  

Employee API v3 Updates
Item Description Date Deployed Tracking Number
1 [Employee API] Not returning all the current and future jobs for an employee 5/10/2019



2 [Employee API]  Pool ID issue - missing pool ID data in case where student has two (2) jobs in the same Department. 4/18/2019


3 [Employee API]  Issue with Pool ID data returned in the API in specific use cases 4/16/2019


4 [Employee API]  BioDemo not showing for EIDs where realtime data missing Gender information 4/16/2019


5 [Employee API]  PayGroup not showing for EMPLIDs and effective sequence 4/16/2019


6 [Employee API]  Addresses missing names, address for contingent workers records in HR V3 API. 4/4/2019


7 [Employee API]  Impacted endpoint:   v3/employees/{id}/jobs  ~9500 records will require updates to the Reports To, Supervisor, and Position #. List of records will be posted to a Box folder, and the Change Log will be seeded with the impacted records.  


8  [Employee API]  Invalid employees ID's only returns namespaces in the payload.  It should return a 404 status code so the consumer knows hot to handle it.  Also includes all BCS issues identifed Post BCS Go-Live. 3/27/2019

UCPTT-512, 518

9 [Employee API]  Make CTO (Class Title Outline) available in the jobs endpoint:  /v3/employees/{id}/jobs 3/27/2019


10 [Employee API] Transactional changes made to Employee data while in correction history mode cause an issue at UC Berkeley.  While in PeopleSoft correction history mode, if employee data is deleted, the deleted data flowing to the UCBerkeley campus via the DDODS still appears as active.  The Employee API will filter out the impacted employees to ensure deleted employee data such as job data, are not returned in the payload.  (Technical translation:  DML_IND field is set to 'D', and the API will filter out these rows of data) 3/22/2019


Requests/Defects/Known API issues (when complete, moving them to the above Updates table)
Item Description Who Reported Date Reported Estimated Date Available Status Issue Type/Number
1 Employee API:  Add additional fields to support SIS Workstudy SIS/FinAid 4/3/2019 5/9/2019 In Progress Feature:  UCPTT-539
2 Employee API:  Using UID as parameter returns wrong results in the 'UAT' environment, accessible from the Interactive Docs on API Central.  Grad Div 4/24/2019 TBD In Progress Bug:  INC0854656
3 Employee API:  Employee Salary Components AP Bears 3/15/2019 TBD In Progress INC0834888
4 Employee API:  BUSN Email Missing for certain use case;  data needs to be returned consistently, regardless of when consumers request via the realtime change log and the DDODS. SIS 5/9/2019 5/21/2019 In Progress Bug:  INC0862868
5 Employee API:   Consider adding unfilled positions in the UC Path API.  There is a request to create a roster-type report that includes both filled and unfilled positions in a given department SAIT 4/26/2019 TBD Under Review Feature:  INC0855771

Position API:  Consider adding current head count, job code and job description

Employee API:  1.  Consider adding ability to filter by specific Position number and return all associated jobs by Position number.  2.  Consider addin current head count.

FinAid 5/22/2019 TBD Under Review Feature:  INC0869733

Employee API:  Missing Compensation Rate

ERSO 5/24/2019 TBD In Progress Bug:  INC0870645

Employee API:  Add New fields: PC BusinessUnit, PC Project, and PC Activity

ERSO 5/24/2019 TBD In Progress Feature:  INC0870890

Known Data DDODS Issues
Item Description
Being tracked on a different page:  Post Conversion Data Clean-Up Details