The Employee API available in Production

March 7, 2019

The API v3 is available in Production!  We're now in "After Calnet", full capacity mode.

Here are key points:

Production URL:
Before CalNet UCPath Go Live After CalNet UCPath Go Live
  1. API v3 available to Campus Developers with limited use, primarily for data preview.
  2. Only pull data by UCPath ID-Type (hr-employee-id).  Identifiers returned in the payload excludes UID, Calnet ID.
  1. API v3 fully functional and available for Campus Develepers for conversion and cutover.
  2. Abillity to pull data by multiple ID-types fully functional, with all employee identifiers returned in payload results (i.e, UID CalNet ID, Legacy HR Employee ID, HR employee iD).
  3. Check cutover dashboard to confirm CalNet readiness.

Upcoming Activities

Here is a preview of upcoming activities.  Please visit this page often for updates (updated as of March 21).

Week of March 11th Performance Testing scheduled for Monday, March 11th between 11:00 am - Noon , that may impact API performance.
Week of March 18th

Performance Testing Part II scheduled for Monday, March 18th between 12:00 - 12:50, that may impact API performance.

CalNet Conversion completed, API now fully functional.

May 1, 2019

Employee API v2 Decomissioned