Clarification: Credit Union Deductions

February 11, 2019

This message is to clarify a previous (now removed) post regarding credit union deductions that was misleading. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The only payroll deduction data that will not get converted into the UCPath system are credit union "deductions" that are used for direct deposit purposes only. This only applies to credit union "deductions" that are in addition to a direct deposit to your primary institution.

With UCPath, credit union deposits will no longer be handled as payroll deductions, but as standard direct deposits. Employees will have the ability to set up new direct deposit accounts for these payments after go-live (March 30). UCPath allows employees to set up direct deposit with up to three different accounts.

If you have any payments (e.g. mortgage, car payment, etc.) that are charged out of your credit union account, we recommend contacting your credit union to make arrangements for the one month that this “deduction” will no longer be deposited directly to your credit union. We also recommend setting up your secondary direct deposit account in UCPath as soon as the system is live for all employees on March 30.

This does NOT apply to employees who have a credit union as their primary banking institution for direct deposit, or to employees who have loan deductions deducted directly out of their paycheck every month, as both of these will automatically convert.

Direct communications will be provided to those employees affected by this change prior to go-live.