Frequently Asked Questions - Training Parking Lot

Answers to questions added to the parking lot during training sessions.

Are there any notifications that get sent out to the operator that a retroactive payment will not be paid out or do we have to manually look to see if there are active paychecks?

Course: Additional Compensation

No, there are no alerts/notifications sent out to tell people that a retroactive payment is or is not triggered. The only notification is if someone at UCPC Payroll thinks an error has occurred and will reach out to the identified individuals to confirm.

How far back is data being migrated from the current systems? Will Staff Retierees be marked as POI?

Course: POI

For Employees: Conversion is only for people terminated within this calendar year, after 1/1/2019. They will have to rely on legacy data in data warehouse and wherever. We are converting only two types of POIs - Academic Pre hire and Staff retiree.

For POIs: For Academic Pre hire, if they also have a EMP or CWR relationship at the time of conversion, we don't convert Academic pre hire, but if there is no active EMP or CWR record that will be converted and Status is POI status is 'A' and End Date is up to 3 years prior to conversion date or greater (If Conversion date is 03/13/19 then any active POI with End Date of 03/13/16 or greater should be converted).

For Staff Retirees: POI End Date up to one month prior to Conversion Date or greater (if Conversion Date is 03/13/19 then any POI 00025 with End Date of 02/13/19 or greater should be converted.
They should be converted regardless regardless of presence/absence of EMP or CWR relationships.

What is the max amount that can we set up as a one time payment?

Course: Pay Path Transactions

There are no max number of rows, effective dates, or amounts from a system standpoint. 

Are there reports to see payroll transactions that are happening for a single employee? For instance, if I have an employee who has two jobs, but I only have security access for one of the jobs, can I see payments that are happening for the other departme

Course: Additional Compensation

If you have access to the Review Paycheck page for an employee, you can see all of the details that they were paid, including details from other jobs that are not part of your regular visibility. However, beyond usage of the PREPSHUP tables, you will only be able to view recurring additional pay and one-time payments for the departments that you have visibility into.

Is there an option for mass inactivate position?

Course: Position Control

No, you can program individual hires to be terminated on a specific date. 

Do we know if push back goes back to initiators?

Course: Extended Leaves of Absence

For this template it goes back to the approver since approvers are able to edit all fields for this template.

Will we be able to see when an employee is on leave in their person org summary page?

Course: Extended Leaves of Absence

Yes, their payroll status will show as "Inactive, Extended Leaves" once the leave has been added to their job data. 

What happens when there's a retroactive pay increase and a direct retro needs to be done on the retroactive pay? Can initiators pull up the retro pay?

Course: Position Funding

Yes. The employee's paycheck would include the retroactive pay, an earn code separate from regular earnings would be associated with the retroactive pay. The earn code begins with '9' for retroactive items.

Can you leave gender as Unknown?

Course: POI

Yes, the system will allow you to leave gender as unknown for the POI template.

Can you enter an international address?

Course: POI

No, you have to enter a US address (for the POI template). 

Can you enter international phone numbers?

Course: POI

Yes. If you do, make sure to add a comment that states you have entered an international phone number.

Does the initiator have to start from scratch to fix a denied position funding transaction? Is there a copy function?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates/Direct Retro

There is a "copy to new transaction" button. However, it isn't for direct retro transactions, only for position funding. 

For employees who retieree but who need to have an active record, will the retire template terminate all records? If yes, should we mark them as POI? Is this when the office of retierees steps in?

Course: Template Transactions Part 2

Yes, UCPC would terminate all the records. If this person is to become an Emeritus, a template would need to be submitted to add that. (Just as today we enter the Emeritus appointment).

If Retirement office needs to process anything, they will do so. That's why coding it as a Retirement is important, so that their processes can be kicked off.

For Additional Pay compensation, is that monthly, total, time period, or annual?

Course: Template Transactions Part 1

It depends on the employee class. If they are monthly then additional compensation will be distributed in one pay period. If they are biweekly then it will be distributed biweekly. 

For Location Use End Date, are we required to choose a Location Use Type?

Course: Template Transactions Part 1

No, it is only optional if you are using it for some business need of your own and want to run a report on that field. If you enter a Location Use Type, you must enter a Location Use End Date (and visaversa). 

Can the template be edited in any way by the initiator or the approved after it was submitted to UCPath?

Course: Template Transactions Part 1

It cannot be edited unless it is denied by the approver or canceled by UCPC. Approvers also can't edit any fields, they are in a read only role for this template. 

On the personal summary screen, can you see all appointments in other departments?

Course: Absence Management and Accruals adjustment

You can see all active appointment in all departments and all UCs in the person org summary page. 

Does vacation/sick leave need to be entered daily for salaried exempt employees?

Course: Additional Compensation

Yes! All sick and vacation must be entered by day, no matter if they're exempt or not. For exempt employees, however, initiators need to put in full day (8 hours) amounts and cannot use "half day" increments (e.g., taking 4 hours of sick leave).

Will appointments (Department chairs and Academics) merge in UCPath or will they be separate?

Course: Paypath Transactions

They will be on seperate job records.

If a high risk direct retro is approved by both approver-levels at UC Berkeley (if CGA is the 2nd approver-level, for example), does it still go to someone at UCPC?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

No, when it is approved at the location it goes into ledger directly. 

Will the retro pay change affect position funding?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

Retro pay change does not affect current position funding.

If retroactive pay is issued after a Direct Retro or Funding Change is processed, will the system know?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

Position funding for retroactive pay is based on the funding at the time the pay should have been received. If a Direct Retro has previously been completed, the current distribution will not be based on the updated Direct Retro distributions.

The best practice is that any time a Direct Retro is completed, the user should navigate back to the Position-Level funding on Funding Entry Page and make any necessary updates to the funding distribution data. Keeping the Funding Entry Page in sync with processed cost transfers is an optional, location-only business process.

On Direct Retros, if the federal fund is greater than 120 days and we're not changing the fund, rather only the CF1 field, for example, will it be considered high risk?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

Definition of high risk Direct Retro:
Violates the 120 Day Rule: Increases the expense on a Federal or Federal Flow-through fund where the transaction is on a payroll transaction for which the original Pay End is prior to [SysDate – 120]


Violates the 90 Day Rule: Increases the expense on a Federal or Federal Flow-through fund where the Fund/Grant End Date is prior to [SysDate – 90].

How many decimal places are allowed on the pay distribution % field (funding entry page)?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

7 digits, 6 decimal places.

How are Department Ids assigned, at which Org Node level (ex. L3, etc) ?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

The Department IDs are at level 4,5,6. The department is based on where the position sits. 

Why would you overwrite the chartfields for overpayments?

Course: Additional Compensation

You would overwrite the chartfields when the chartfields are no longer active during the recovery process. If the overpayment is being recovered from the next available payment, it will go against the current pay cycle and the chartfields will not be able to be changed.

Where did the home department go?

Course: POI

There is no Home Department concept in UCPath, that is a PPS concept. 

For conversion, what is being programmed as the Reports To field?

Course: Position Control

UCB is supplying a cross-walk table based on the current state Supervisor. The scripts will look up the Supervisor's UCPath position number after conversion and add that as the Reports To on each employee's position.

For conversion, will UCPath take the funding that is programmed in the current HCM from position data or from job data?

Course: Position Control

Since the conversion is from PPS, and not from HCM, it will come from the distributions in PPS job data.

Can approvers edit initiator notes or add notes?

Course: ABM and Accrual Adjustment

Approvers can not edit initiator notes, but they can add notes to transactions they are approving for the Extended Leaves of Absence module.

How do you see departmental notifications? Who will be notified?

Course: Position Funding Entry and Updates

Initiators will receive a notification that their transaction has been approved or denied. Approvers will receive a notification to approve a transaction and may navigate to the transaction using the link in the body of the email and/or using their worklist if they are in UCPath. Additionally, there are available funding reports in Cognos that as a Cognos user one may run for a department.