Frequently Asked Questions - HCM Specific

Will the new system have warnings/notifications that highlight upcoming leave end dates?

No. UCPath will not generate automatic warnings to highlight upcoming leave end dates. However, UCPath will provide reports that identify upcoming leave end dates for a given department or organizational unit.

Will staff have the ability to view the dates that employees are on leave?

Yes. Designated employees within each department will have Inquiry access in UCPath to view employee data – including leave information. Additionally, they will be able to access UCPath data through UCPath reports.

Will we have an online system of record, and thus eliminate the need for paper personnel files?

Although UCPath will be the online system of record for HR and payroll data transactions, current local systems and paper personnel files will be retained for data that is not migrated to UCPath.

Will we need to request a new position number before any recruitment is conducted?

Not necessarily. If the recruitment is for a staff position for an existing vacant position, the same position number can be used. Otherwise a new position number will have to be created.   

Can we create a position before funding is established?

Yes. Funding is no longer tied to a position.  However, a position must be created in UCPath before you can apply funding to it.

What are the timing constraints around direct retros? After we make a direct retro, will we still have to wait until the next accounting period to verify that changes were made correctly?

Departments will no longer have to wait until the end of the month payroll run to see transactions and verify direct retros. Direct retros occur in UCPath as soon as the transaction is submitted and processed in the nightly batch process. Completed direct retros will be fed to the General Ledger.

Is UCPath going to include timekeeping?

UC Berkeley will continue to use CalTime and will develop interfaces to UCPath throughout the initial phase of UCPath rollout. These interfaces will pass timekeeping data to UCPath for payroll and leave calculations.

What is the process if hours are distributed to the wrong chartstring(s)?

A chartstring will be referred to as “FAU” (Full Accounting Unit) in the new system.  If hours were distributed to the wrong FAU (a.k.a. Chartstring), the department should initiate a Direct Retro transaction to move the expenses to the correct FAU(s).